Kentucky Man Gets $450,000 Settlement Over Being Fired Following Unwanted Birthday Party

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39 thoughts on “Kentucky Man Gets $450,000 Settlement Over Being Fired Following Unwanted Birthday Party

  1. Something along these lines happened to me during my sophomore year of college. I was having a bad series of anxiety attacks and told my friends I wanted to spend my bday alone. To assure them I wasn’t in a depressed state, I told them my plans…I was going to see a play and then go back to my dorm to relax for the evening. My childhood friends understood, my roommate understood(who I had only met a month ago)…however, one of my friends that I met freshman year did not. She got a few mutual acquaintances and surprised me at the theatre…the had all bought tickets…I bought my ticket early so we weren’t near each other. However I could no longer anonymously watch the show. As the plan neared it’s close I could feel my anxiety go through the roof. I dashed out of the theater, ran to my dorm and pretty much rode out a really bad attack. However, I became the bad guy because I left and the friend cried. They claimed I was ungrateful for not being appreciative of what she did. When my roommate found out what happened, she was pissed and wanted to tell her off because she thought it was incredibly self-centered of my friend to do that after I had been vulnerable with her. It was all a bad scene until a mutual male acquaintance of ours asked me what happened. He understood and spoke with the friend. I also told the friend how incredibly insensitive it was for her to not only show up but add to the pressure by coming with multiple people after I had told her why I wanted to be alone. The friendship started to slowly die off…I believe the clincher was when a few weeks later we were having a chat and she said depressed people choose to be sad. I wasn’t dealing with depression at the time but I realized then that would never be a real friendship between us.

  2. He’s not suing because they threw him a birthday party. He’s suing because they fired him due to his response to the birthday party.

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  4. Employer was an idiot. Guy had one wish, they go against it and fire him…lmao recipe for lawsuit. Jobs gotta learn just to leave people the eff alone. If they doin they work, just leave them the eff alone. Screw work parties, happy hour. Etc.

  5. I feel him tho… I never liked birthday parties and my family would throw me a “surprise” party every year!! 😫🤦🏽‍♂️ I never made a thing about it cause I know it was out of love but in retrospect I should’ve been more adamant about my boundaries and what I did and didnt want for MY birthday.

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