Kenosha Police Chief Blames Protestors Staying Past Curfew For Their Deaths

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Author: phillyfinest369


32 thoughts on “Kenosha Police Chief Blames Protestors Staying Past Curfew For Their Deaths

  1. At this point.. I don’t know what going to take me out first.. the catastrophic effects of climate change or the race war on the horizon.

  2. Kyle kinner stabbed a 7 year old girl at her bday party in from for children.. He was an armed black man that got detained and due process. Jacob blake resisted arrest got tased twice and put the cops and his kids lives in danger. This racism shit is such a fallacy I cant even 🤣😂😂

  3. Bro your intro of Jacob Blake was so stupid! He was not trying to get in the car with his kids bro 😂 I’m black and I’m telling you to flawed.. stop with the liberal fake POVs.

  4. The police chief can not determine the innocent or guilt of the dead protesters. That is reserved for the Judge. If the curfew law is applied then Rittenhouse violated the same curfew law. The Chief of police can not hold his own court. He should retract his statement about the curfew. If Rittenhouse would have obeyed the law he would not have been in Kenosha. Rittenhouse was aware there was a curfew in effect and dis-regarded the curfew law. Rittenhouse saw it on the news. Rittenhouse impeded the path of marching protesters with a weapon held in a obstructing manner. Rittenhouse does not have police authority to impede or detain anyone for any reason. He has no uniform or badge. This scene has played out in many school yards and students have rushed the gunman to stay alive. Students have attacked gunman before they could pull the trigger. At the time of the shooting no-one knew who Rittenhouse was or what he was going to do. It is easy to say Rittehouse defended himself. It is just as easy to say the dead victims were defending themselves from a mass shooter. Students have ran into armed individuals to keep their classmates from getting killed. The man who died when he grab the gun could have thought he might be able to keep this man from killing someone. The chief of police can not hold his own court. He should retract his statement on the curfew violation.

  5. Did you make the guy sneaking up on the man with a brick knocking him out donkey of the day? Or other "protestors" that are shooting people, or any of the people stopping traffic ripping them out of their car to beat them to death or almost to death donkey of the day. How about the crowds cheering for the death of someone? Or the people killing police over the last couple days? They are all wrong doesnt matter what color or political stance the are. What about the people from CHOP that were raping and killing people? The hypocrisy and instigating the black vs white narrative is dangerous and shameful. This shit is getting out of hand and people with a platform are twisting things with out all the information in order to fit their narrative. So you don't know what happened but you say with conviction that you know what happened. You are so bias along with the rest of the media, ordinary people don't even care about the facts of what happens because of their own personal thoughts and feelings (aka the definition of being bias). It's not always racism even if it looks like it, especially with out more information then a grainy cell phone video. It's very irresponsible and creates hate/anger for uninformed people that just trust you're words Charlamange. The skewing of facts and twisting of words is pathetic and a blatant act of bias rhetoric. That chief sounded like he was blaming everyone out past curfew (which is fucked up, but also the harsh truth) not just the protestors and weren't the 3 people shot by the kid white too, how can they be racism? I'm sorry but the person at fault in that situation is the mother that dropped her son off with an AR15 at a protest with riots going on, like she was dropping him off at a fucking dance or something. This is all getting out of hand on the left and the right, middle ground is fucking gone for most of the people on each side. Things can only get worse with that mindset. Both sides have righteousness and nobility in their heart and wont give an inch or even listen to reason. Stupidity is protecting your ignorance.

  6. This broke goofy put his kids in the line of fire and created a dangerous situation for all involved by resisted arrest. If there was any racism involved he could sue the city and settle for more money than his 2IQ could make otherwise. Gross that people support these low life’s and try to turn it around.

  7. This 17 year old shot and killed two white people, so he is differently not getting off. It is illegal for a 17 year old to have a firearm so self defense in this case is not going to work. This Trump supporter took the law in his own hands so he finish. This kid just threw away his life. If this kid gets off which I highly doubt it, this will change the law. That mean there is no law. Maybe if these was some black people he shot and killed he might of had a chance base on this country behavior towards black people. He killed 2 white people, he is finish.

  8. Then they charged him with 1st degree… it won't even stick. Just a tactic so he could walk and look like a hero of some sort… that's b/s!! They do that all the time and you wonder how our why they walk. They're supposed to start on a lesser charge and let evidence build up so that a higher charge could stick.

  9. 1 .kyle was attacked by a sex offender FACT!
    2.kyle was shot at kyle turned a 180% and took out the hostel with a 5.56 round to the head FACT
    3. kyle tried to give aid then the mob rushed him sk8er boy took one to the chest glock boy was going to shoot kyle in the head ..kyle put a 5.56 round in his elbow and sent the mob in to a retreat
    #FREEKYLE 🇺🇸🗽❤

  10. A 17y.o white boy with an unlicensed rifle was allowed to roam the streets shooting willy nilly at protesters and is literally hailed a hero. Laawd the world gone mad!!😡 I wonder what would have happened if said youth was black?😒

  11. Why can't anybody say the obvious, if you are really afraid of cops, don't break the law. Don't resist arrest and nobody gets hurt. If you truly cared about black lives, end the violence. Judge by the content of their character, or does their skin color exonerate them, was Cannon Hinnant a racist too, should his killer get a free pass. Stop watching CNN, they are making you stupid.

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