49 thoughts on “Illinois Governor Rauner Drinks Chocolate Milk To Symbolize His Commitment To Diversity

  1. It's not actually the chocolate milk that he likes because chocolate is bitter. It's the sugar in the chocolate that he liked. So the real truth is multiculturalism is bitter.

  2. What was he supposed to do? Reject the stupid gesture… Media makes it look like he initiated it.

  3. Rauner and JB, peas in a pod. Both are terrible for Illinois. Before our state finally goes belly up we have to climb out of this abyss. Neither are up for that. More people will leave and more taxes will be coming. Better off moving out and watch Illinois collapse from a better run state.

  4. If the man has a history of failing to act on diversity, then he's a donkey. Otherwise Charlamagne is being petty af 😂 and I usually agree with all the shit he says too

  5. Is this man the one that deny the pardon to that veteran Lopez because they accused him of drug possession, a man that served this country two terms, came back sick and now they want to deport him after he is being in this country since age 8th.  How many delinquent ones are running on the streets robbing, sexual abusing and killing they are cut and then release after a few days to continue doing the same and yet this man is due for deportation after serving this country and could not be forgiven to received here the treatment he now needs, and is now in a hunger strike to make his health worst.  I have no feelings for this guy, or for anybody with this lack of compassion.

  6. I don't know if this should be donkey of the day even though I understand what your saying. The man was asked to participate in this. It's not his demonstration. If it was his and he isn't doing anything on the legislative side then I can see your point.

  7. It seems silly at first bu I see where charlamagne is comin from. He said don't claim that u support diversity and have minorities believe u but then go back to ur regular ish. This argument could've waited tho. We need to allow some time & space to grow between the illinois governor's claim and his actual actions before fingers can be pointed.

  8. Not sure what the dotd was for, I think Charlamagne dropped too far into retardation hole at this point.

  9. This was a poor donkey of the day! There are so many other people you could have given it to.

  10. reaching… everybody needs to stop putting themselves a little boxes and segregating themselves. we will never come together if we keep on putting ourselves in smaller and smaller boxes. Do you guys realize how many different categories we all put ourselves in to segregate ourselves from one another. Just stop. You try to blame white people for everything. I'm Native American Apache Indian and native people were nearly wiped off the map. Stfu …..

  11. I know some people saying they don't see it or why this guy deserved "Donkey Of The Day". You have to live in Illinois to understand, Rauner is the worst Governor that Illinois ever had and won't do shit after this. He took it as a joke. He was Trump before Trump won. Yeah that bad.

  12. Will somebody pleaseeeeeeeeee really give him something to drink please🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 maybe as he drink he will get some sense

  13. Gov Rauner doesn't deserve DOTD, he does so much for the young African American community in Illinois providing scholorships & donations. Breakfast Club this is a stretch cmon

  14. This is weak. Call out the corrupt politicians, city councilmen, etc. in Chicago including Ramn Emanuel.

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