Herschel Walker Says Black People Shouldn’t Get Reparations

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Author: phillyfinest369


30 thoughts on “Herschel Walker Says Black People Shouldn’t Get Reparations

  1. Too many concussions to the brain playing football has left walker, who barely has third grade level reading skills, a babbling idiot. He's been trumps' shoeshine boy since he signed with that now defunct football league. I don't support monetary reparations but the word reparations means to repair. I do feel some repairing in some form, of damaged lives is in order. It's a nuanced debate that rational, sincere people can get into.

  2. I can't believe you all really think this way. Hershel Walker is a great man even if you hate his politics. I hope you never get your way concerning reparations. Nobody owes you anything. Yes, your ancestors got screwed but you didn't. We are all equal under the law and before God. Act like it and quit playing the victim please. That being said I love you all as my fellow countrymen and may God bless you.

  3. Funny how people find the noted racist “charlamange the god” to be somebody worth listening to. I enjoyed seeing Bill Maher embarrass him without trying.

  4. Germans got a check
    Japanese got a check
    Native Americans got a check
    Jewish people got a check
    Black people = We'll study reparations to see what we can do…maybe a free education THAT IS TOTAL BS! WE WANT A CHECK TOO!

  5. Last I saw was that this misguided man net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 million soooo…………..(y'all can finish it)

  6. I don’t think we should get it either. Honestly I keep hearing “we built this country” stop that shit you ain’t build a damn thing yes slavery happened shit I have a photo of family members who slaves and still reparations is a bad idea at this point. It could’ve worked 100 years ago but not today.

  7. Dude I'm black Caribbean and reparation is nonsense.
    Slavery ended over a hundred and fifty five years ago.
    Everyone who is apart of the slave trade is dead all of the slaves are dead.
    Is the government suppose to bankrupt america paying trillions of dollars to people who were never slaves and who dont want to work??

  8. He made perfect sense. Y'all just want free shit, I'm Hispanic, I ain't giving a dime for something I had nothing to do with. Walker is an honest man, Charlemagne is a charleton victim, just like he's successful, any black American can become successful as well, let's stop with the nonsense already.

  9. We don't need to listen to anybody about reparations but Dr. Claud Anderson, the man who's been working on reparations on behalf of native black Americans for over 40 yrs. Shelia Jackson Lee is a fraud. If she was really serious about reparations, THAT is the person she'd have speaking at these phony ass hearings.

  10. "White Immigrants came to this country 50 years ago with nothing but nickels and dimes and no education, and managed to pool their nickels and dimes to set up little stores. Then they managed to develop those little stores into larger stores. Then they continued to pool & save and work until those stores became industries that created job opportunities for their kind.

    Now the government statistical bureau reports that black males have a combined purchasing power of 20 billion dollars a year (177 billion today. Though it's probably much higher than that now). We feel if the black man is spending 20 billion dollars a year while not creating any businesses, not creating any industries, not creating any job opportunities for his kind, he is not in a moral position to point his finger at the white man and demand compensation for discrimination. If the black man HAS 20 billion dollars, these supposedly genius Black leaders ought to show their people how to pool their money and develop economic opportunities for themselves; rather than demand more and more compensation from the white man."

    Malcom-X. 1961.

  11. Herschel walker sold out long ago check his history who's he been sleeping most his life n he's already Rich I don't want y'all in my Neighborhood 🤔🤔🥴🥴

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