Governor Ron DeSantis Sends 2 Planes Carrying Immigrants To Martha’s Vineyard In Massachusetts

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Author: phillyfinest369


49 thoughts on “Governor Ron DeSantis Sends 2 Planes Carrying Immigrants To Martha’s Vineyard In Massachusetts

  1. My dad is Mexican.
    1. He came over illegally first.
    2. Then once he was stable he contacted the US government and they told him the process. Go back, file for a visa, and once approved you can come back.
    3. He had to get written letters from his boss and his American friends.
    4. And it worked!
    5. Later on after being in the country for a decade he became a US citizen.
    6. He’s a government worker now.

    What I don’t get why are visas still a thing? If the Democrats truly care they should tear down the wall of bureaucracy. Mexico doesn’t require Americans to file for a visa. They keep the status quo so they can pull stunts like this. The good ole USA.

  2. Hes right. We all are political pawns. These people do not belong here in the first place. Cross into canada, or any other country and see what happens. You will be in jail and shipped back. These are not refugees, these are economic migrants. They will find under the table jobs, not pay taxes and send their kids to our schools, use our roads, police and everything else our taxes pay for. Send them back

  3. Florida took in over 1 million, Texas more twice that. Biden flew 70 plane loads of illegal immigrants to Florida!!. But this is “a calamity”? 😆😆what do they think is happening in poor Texas towns. the liars can cry me a freaking river. Whips? You’re delusional. They’re called reigns 🙄🙄white elitist liberals are clutching their pearls and I’m here for it. Balance it out and just take one million

  4. This is the most cruel thing I have ever seen. These people have nothing, came here for a break and this is what they get??? Typical colonizer behavior, while they love bragging about there lineage!! "I'm part Irish, German, French etc." They all struggled when they came here and were looked down on because of their accents, food, clothes etc. What happened to the melting pot? These people have a reckoning coming, I swear

  5. Not a Ron DeSantis supporter but I actually agree with him on this. For all of you who claim to love immigrants when they come here, put your money where your mouth is don’t get mad and angry that These Republican governors are sending them off to sanctuary cities or Blue states. You invited them.

  6. Sooo….

    DeSantis gets his stunt, those migrants get FURTHER into the US than they would have, and they will likely gain citizenship, and create families, that will hear the tales of this attempt at cruelty, and use their RIGHTS to end that fuckery.

    I’m aight with that.


  7. First of all if the Biden administration was doing their job this wouldn't be happening. Kamala Harris my bad Kamala Emhoff hasn't done anything either but talk stupid and laugh

  8. The way you explained this is very misleading. These people are not illegal immigrants. They are here seeking asylum and they are allowed to be in the US until they have their court hearing. DeSantis is using them as political pawns. Historically they pay for their own transportation to travel to their family in the US. DeSantis is giving them free transportation, which will only have the effect of causing more people to come to the US. Instead of these stunts, perhaps he should work with other states and the federal government to solve this problem. All complaints and no real solutions will do nothing. I bet we won’t hear a peep about this after the election is held.

  9. Heads up and when they say 🗣NO send them anyway lol like hey yo this is a Courtesy call letting you know that you have a bus load of immigrants coming to you and no permission is needed

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