Garrett Soldano Says Rape Victims Shouldn’t Have Abortions: “Baby Inside May Be The Next President”

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36 thoughts on “Garrett Soldano Says Rape Victims Shouldn’t Have Abortions: “Baby Inside May Be The Next President”

  1. I don’t know about y’all but constant shocked reactions to things like this is getting repetitive.

    Fam we know what time it is with these and we know they go so hard on it because their voter demographic agrees and wants to hear it. We don’t have go around the world trying to psycho analyze these folks. It’s simple. The people that put them in office require this type to stance. If you aren’t one of the people putting them in office, they could care less about your outrage.

    We need to stop wasting energy on “how could they say that?” And put it towards voting for folks that will combat it AND holding their feet to the fire when they don’t.

  2. Men shpuld never have an opinion when it comes to women reproductive system. Unless it's your wife and doctor.
    So shut they hell up with your damn opinions.

  3. Stated by a man who would never carry a child. Don’t you dare bring God’s name into your twisted argument. FFS. 🙄😠

  4. We totally underestimate how little skill, or intelligence is needed to be a politician. The most perfect politician is a blank slate. You create and recreate them to fit the targeted voter

  5. His Birth Mom Had The Courage To Have Him, Yet Still Gave Him Up For Adoption. These White Folks Getting More And More Weird & Pushy. Let A Woman Decide What She Does With Her Body, Not A Man.

  6. Yes Mr Soldano believes a woman who was r@ped and became pregnant should choose to give that child life……..but if his wife or his daughter was gang r@ped by 5 men would he feel the same? Would he raise that child as his own? Hmmmm….

  7. These people don't realize how poor the adoption and foster care programs are… it's a broken program and revisitiviam is sooo hiiigh! That means, there's so many people who adopt or or foster children who return them or use these kids for a paycheck. I'm not saying all, but too many cases has occurred and we aren't putting money in those programs. I am social worker and have worked in the area… speaking from the reality I see occurr these children get moved around sooo much, in and out of the system.. and then when they turn 18, the kids r on their own as adults.

  8. This nonsense from a clown who probably doesn’t know the difference between an ectopic pregnancy and a breached fetus. Probably doesn’t even know the difference between a tampon and a maxi-pad. And this is who’s making laws governing women’s bodies and health rights. OMG. But sadly many women in our own community think like this and would vote for him. This is the alternative choice outside of Democrats. Sad.

  9. Hitler, Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Willie Lynch, Emmitt Till killers, The McMichaels, etc. A man should only have a legitimate say about abortion or giving birth if and when that man can get pregnant and give birth. A woman cannot order me to have a vasectomy and I can’t order a woman to have a baby.

  10. So the same god they believe put them in that situation could’ve also kept them from that situation. Religion is crazy they teach you to just accept what happens as god having a reason for it and not questioning anything.

  11. People always talk about a woman's bodily rights but what about men when she gets pregnant and he don't want the baby and she keeps it anyway and he is forced to pay for it if she has a right to keep or abort I should also have a right to pay or not we always talk about rights but nothing is unfair until it's a woman's issue

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