Former OJ Simpson Prosecutor Now Defending Nipsey Hussle’s Suspected Shooter

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Author: phillyfinest369


46 thoughts on “Former OJ Simpson Prosecutor Now Defending Nipsey Hussle’s Suspected Shooter

  1. So if a Black Man kills another Black Man
    It's Free My Cousin….But if it's a Rapper that publicized he's Guilty..

  2. so CTG is surprised a lawyer took a case that pays him? Not everyone is as emotional as you and many people are about Nipsey's death. That's why he's the lawyer and you aren't.

  3. I agree but the man has a right to a lawyer Darden just doesn’t know how to stay away from bad cases lol and he tried to convict oj now is fighting for criminals? That is the most backwards shit

  4. The Breakfast club is insulting their listemer's intelligence. Black folks know that everyone has a right to defend themselves . Dardon is just doing his job.

  5. But there is nothing morally reprehensible about promoting drugs and violence? Don't try to teach us about morality when you recognize none.

  6. okay how about this smarty he's doing it for notoriety he haven't been heard from or seen since OJ's trial he jumped on the first bandwagon that was widely publicized went pro bono so he can get his name out there he knows full well you're not going to get this guy off is his name his brand that he's trying to represent I figure that out when I heard that he was defending this guy so it's easy to figure out now you have to figure out how many trollers you're going to have speaking about Nipsey Hustle

  7. I am very disappointed in C tha G, cause he’s already found the man being defended guilty. No one has came forward and said they seen him shoot Nipsey! You can’t tell if in fact Eric is the shooter. You can’t see who is the shooter! Also please tell me who the witnesses are who have said they seen Eric shoot Nipsey! Only thing that was said is that they seen him get into a dispute earlier. Again no one said they seen him shoot! Please enlighten me and let me know one witness! Cowboy, Kerry, and the nephew said they didn’t see who shot! TMZ and other media outlets have said he was the shooter. This is poor reporting and I am disappointed in Charla! As many people of color that are guilty until proven innocent in America! For Charla to perpetuate this narrative is
    tremendously shameful!

  8. I think Christopher Darden is Eric holders dad they look to much alike that's probably why he is representing him knowing damn well he cant pay for his services he's probably from some woman he knocked up back in the day and still feels responsible for not being there for him as a child I mean is it me or does he look like a worried father

  9. Chris Darden is probably entering a Not Guilty Plea at this time and is in Negotiations with the Prosecutors Office working on Plea Deal. I think his primary efforts will be to Mitigate his Punishment. U guys are reacting off Emotions like a Female. U are doing exactly what the White Criminal Judicial System does to Our Community. The American Judicial System does not like Black Men so they believe that we don't Deserve Descent or Adequate Legal Representation so we get Public Defender Trash. And now since you do not like the Accused or what he is accused of you want him to have Poor Legal Representation to Guaranty his Lethal Injection the same way they do. If the same Dude Shot Joe Shmo and Chris Darden stepped in to represent him Pro Bono you would probably say check out Chris D finally giving back to the Community. I don't like the Mutha Fucka neither but I'm just saying be Consistent not Emotional…

  10. 😳😳😳 Sooo we just gone brush past the fact he has a boy doll on his knees eating a boy dolls ass 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  11. The Breakfast Club is ignorant and dumb. Eric Holders has the same rights to a lawyer as any other person.Whether he commits a crime on a sunny Sunday afternoon in front of surveillance cameras or in a dark back alley the constitutional right is there. This is exactly the same kind of constitutional right of freedom of speech Breakfast club has to spit out those verbal diarrhea full of ignorance!

  12. Why, are we passing judgment? Unless someone saw the vedio that was in front of nipsey store, or any other video that was closer and not the one that is so fucked up, that you can't tell who's at the crime scene. What proof is there to have already give eric a death sentence and to talk down on his lawyer. We are feel with hate and want to see anyone pay not caring if they are innocent or not. What video? That bs, that blurry video. The only witness that is talking non-stop is this cowboy character and his story is off. Come on we can do better.

  13. Yo Eric….if this man couldn't put OJ in jail for killing 2 white people in the 90's… he gone keep you out of jail for killing the KING of LA in 2019, in daylight, on camera? 🤦🏾‍♀️ #FOH

  14. We see it happen with corrupt police videos all the time and despite seeing they are guilty….well you know.

  15. The elephant in the room: the us gun laws. Look at New Zealand – swiftly changed gun laws after the tragedy at Christchurch.

  16. You can not get due process, if you don’t get a fair trial. That includes having legal representation if requested. I think you have a problem with the shooter lawyer being black. Nipsey hussle was trying to uplift the black cummunity and now there is a black lawyer defending the shooter. I think if the lawyer was white you would not even bring it up on the show.

  17. The government killed Nipsey. No black revolutionaries ever get old. Unity and love among black/brown people anywhere is a threat to racist, white, oppressive systems everywhere.

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