Florida Woman Says Getting Arrested Was On Her Bucket List

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40 thoughts on “Florida Woman Says Getting Arrested Was On Her Bucket List

  1. Although, I hate hearing anyone use the N word. Charlemagne used it correctly in this context. I also agree with him any race can be an N word. Because the original meaning of the word and still is in my opinion an IGNORANT PERSON. Yes, if you find an old dictionary that is what the definition of the word was listed as. Someone ignorant. Dictionaries today list it as a Black person, which makes no sense. Why use that word then just say Black person?. No, the word is a derogatory word meant to insult. Calling me a Black person is not derogatory, but calling me ignorant is. I just want to say that not all Floridians are crazy. Crazy exists all over. All the mass shootings are evidence of that. I have family that have moved there. Unless Charlemagne means those born and raised in Florida, then I cannot speak on that.

  2. Did the lady want to get arrested specifically or did wanted experience what it felt like to be bound and dominated? Because she could've done the latter without much issue if she found the right people.

  3. She's not the only one, I've met a kid that was happy and excited to be locked up, I guess it makes him look touch in the eyes of his friends, dumb kid.

  4. If She Was From Homestead Florida,I Would Guest That She Was Non-Black,Because Homestead Is About As Affluent As It Gets.It's Stunnigly Beautiful Out There!Monty.

  5. I went for traffic tickets and called myself wanting to sit them out. Shiii I didn't last 10 minutes and emptied that savings account quick to get out lol. I don't understand voluntarily wanting to go to jail.

  6. Bruh back in my day we feared going to jail. Scared straight was played at our DARE program at school and the stereotypes was too much to bare because even the black community arent surprised anymore. My question is, where are the parents and why are they letting her do in their name?

  7. Fun fact: The term “bucket list”, was created from the movie Bucket List that came out in 2007. A lot of people believed (including me) it was a saying long before the movie. It’s a Mandela effect.

  8. NGL the depiction of getting arrested for simple things in sitcoms growing up in the 90s definitely made getting arrested a bucket list item for me. Like I never wanted to do jail time but the countless 'holding cell scenes' I saw in my favorite movies and shows definitely made getting arrested and bailed out seem cool. And I'll bet both of my nuts that I'm not the only one that feels/felt this way. I've been out of trouble since those minor law infractions as I never was a troubled child to begin with, just for the record. Go Grizzlies!

  9. This is FUNNY – her Aspirational Goals Different – she probably wants an STD too… Dayum Dayum Dayum – that younger Generation hit Different🤣🤣🤣🤣 Donkey Well Deserved

  10. I'm a social worker. I work with teens. This new generation different. One of my clients just told me they wanna try every drug including crack and heroin for their bucket list. And they dead serious

  11. Chris rott said it best in his stand up bit, Black People vs Ni99as. "You're not supposed to go to jail you low expectation having Muther F'er"

  12. Some people think being arrested gets you hood stripes and street credit. Only idiots and slow people get caught doing crimes.

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