Florida Judge Gives 21-Year-Old Juror 10 Days In Jail For Oversleeping

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Author: phillyfinest369


24 thoughts on “Florida Judge Gives 21-Year-Old Juror 10 Days In Jail For Oversleeping

  1. Can you imagine the sentencing disparities in the courtroom?! I hope the year that has past, this judge loses his position of power.

  2. Jury duty is stupid, it shouldn't be required, this is abuse of power making this man go behind bars for this, never doing anything wrong but still being forced to serve time is ridiculous… What are lawyers for? Judges? They go to school for that, average people aren't typically knowledgeable on legal proceedings like judges and lawyers are and don't have the education a judge or lawyer has who actually WANTS to be in that profession, why let an average person that probably doesn't want to be there anyway or care much at all about it hold someones freedom in their hands… most people who go probably just want to get over it as fast as possible. People who vote shouldn't be forced into that shit and then treated as criminals and have their record damaged from it if they don't show… This needs to stop now, it's an abuse of power to charge someone for something so ridiculous… PUBLIC SCHOOL NEVER EVEN TALKS ABOUT JURY DUTY OR WHAT IT IS, ALMOST NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT… hence why this man didn't realise the magnitude of it… Time to get rid of this practice before it ruins other peoples records who otherwise would have a clean record for following the law. Also, this has nothing to do with the fact of this man being black you racists, this would happen to ANYONE who wouldn't show, this black baiting needs to stop…

  3. West Palm
    Got my left arm sleeve in West palm
    Man you could make fun of key west citizen crime report
    Its funny
    I got fed mail at old address and when the friend said I had mail, i said throw wrong address mail away
    Jury duty, opps I moved and updated my DL
    You out of luck
    I got lot of records, felony was reduced down
    Bunch of battery Drugs fights
    Hospital and dust bin against my will
    I be like all drugs need be legal no such thing as a drug crime

  4. Yoooo I just met this guy 😂😂😂 he came to my job I saw his judge badge and instantly remembered this video 😂😂

  5. The young man got off easy with just 10 days in jail do you know how many people go to jail for 20 30 years for almost nothing ? Especially us blacks

  6. This is freaking ludicrous this young black male got a record, 1 yr probation, community service and 10 days in jail for what. Racist judge used his robe to justified his racist actions. Use a black kid to teach a lesson while a white girl cheerleader killed her baby and got probation and a white female actor paid $17k for her daughter to go to college received 14 days and community service. You messed this good perfect record for what?!! To screw his life. You are dead wrong and should be investigated.

  7. So does this go on his permanent record? Like that's ruining his life. This is heartbreaking. Young people are learning and make mistakes, we all have. Wouldn't a stern talking to or reminder about the jury process suffice? I hope there is a lawyer that can help this young man. Bless.

  8. No it's important to have someone who looks like you At a trial on the jury because Stereotypes happen and people get convicted on stereotypes and not the facts

  9. This jackass only tells half the story. The dude didnt oversleep he didnt show up at all. When you oversleep you show up late this guy didnt show up at all. The winner of donkey of his life is Charlamajne

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