Flat Earth Believer Dies In California Rocket Crash

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Author: phillyfinest369


28 thoughts on “Flat Earth Believer Dies In California Rocket Crash

  1. This is a real proof, 100% real proof that what actually killing people is their stupidness. This guy is so arrogant to believe Earth is flat when Astronouts already risking their life for so many years to proof it, not to mention this guy homemade rocket was a big failure. At the end of the day stupid people got killed because of their stupidness. I guess it just part of natural selection.

  2. Can you please explain why a flat earther has never ever gone to the edge of the flat earth and taken pictures to prove that there is an edge? Can you tell me about the other planets, are they also flat? How come all of the other planets look like round globes, and their rotation can be observed? Why are all of the other planets different from our planet? What holds up the sun so that it can go around in a circle above the flat earth? What makes the sun move? What holds the moon up in the sky and why do the sun and the moon never collide as they are circling in the sky over the flat earth? Can you please explain how thick is the disk, and what is on the other side? If I drill all the way through the disk what would l see on the other side? We know that volcano's spew out molten magma but where does all of that hot magma live when it’s not actually blowing out of a volcano and what heats it up so that the rocks melt? You tell us that there is no gravity, and you tell us that everything can be explained by density and buoyancy, but how do they work without gravity? What makes a lighter thing rise, and a heavier thing fall if there is no such thing as gravity? What explains the phases of the moon and why does the moon go through the different phases every 28 days?

  3. Besides FEF (flat earth fools) there's Flerffers, flat brainers, Disc Lickers, flat holes, globe deniers and just plain old fools due to the fact that it has been proven by science multiple times so take your pick.

  4. People should learn you can't prove if the world is flat or round in which as a matter of fact it has both characteristics but you cant prove what you the ordinary people are allowed to see . That's why there's places you go freely and places including the sky outer orbit and many parts of the ocean and seas . So for either side whether it be script the common man you can only see what you are allowed to see

  5. Charloman da weirdo your so idiotic and don’t understand anything this is not about flat earth your just inconsiderate you think ur always right fight me

  6. I believe they killed him because he was right. So to promote fear into society, so no one else will attempt another rocket launch, they killed him. Anyone ever question WHY the media is spending so much time and effort, not to mention money, on proving flat earth is a lie? QUESTION EVERYTHING! The world is a stage. Repent the end is near….

  7. and this man blames flat earthers for this mans death saying the never stopped him and i never saw this man stop him either

  8. this man died trying unlike all you others who only follow blindly believing something that you have been told but cannot prove your self

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