DC Resident Wants Howard University To Move Campus After Students Complain About His Dog

While being interviewed by a local Fox affiliate, DC resident Sean Grubbs-Robishaw says that if Howard University students don’t like dogs walking through campus, maybe they should just move their campus. That comment earned him the Donkey of the Day.

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DC Resident Wants Howard University To Move Campus After Students Complain About His Dog

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Author: phillyfinest369


43 thoughts on “DC Resident Wants Howard University To Move Campus After Students Complain About His Dog

  1. If I was a student I would sprinkle little dog food in portions of the grass and the food would be covered with poison. After a couple of dogs fall dead to the food it wouldn't take them too long before putting 2 and 2 together.

  2. Since they have so much money why don't they put their money together and build a dog park…because to expect them to conform to your needs like they don't deserve a say so is not only bullish but also shows a belief that you are better than they are…the nerve of some people…it's not white privilege any longer…it's white dominance above all else…this is how they been felt and now feel emboldened to show it since 2016…

  3. Since people can let their dogs shit on school campus yard, we should take our dogs and let them shit on their kids elementary school grounds while their kids are at recess.

  4. I seen on the news the other day were a white lady.was on vacation lost her dog in a mother states.quit her job for 60 days to find it.she fond it.

  5. Charlemagne has obviously never been to Hampton. I went to Norfolk State University and have been on their campus several times. It looks nicer than most ehitr university and the black students dont look thuged out. They look like suburban squares.

  6. Funny thing is, he's walked passed one of my job sites everyday last summer with his dog. He was actually pretty friendly, dog too. We gotta be careful when it comes to the ones that hide their racism… Everybody needs to check their white friend ASAP lol

  7. GENTRIFICATION is a Lie !! Regeneration is more like it! That's what happens when a group of people destroy an environment. Gentrification wouldn't exist if they didn't destroy all the properties there. It's simple economics not racism. We as a culture need to collectively value where we live or "gentrification" is the answer. Most countries call cleaning up bad environments PROGRESS not political propaganda. Not everything is racism, look inside before pointing outward.

  8. Agree…. have a security patrol to give citations with a hefty fine for trespassing and littering. And or gate the Campus

  9. I went to Howard as a student and I know that Yard is gated, although the entrance is usually left open during when school is in session. Back then (96-2000), only students were allowed in. If you weren't, you couldn't just wander in because you would eventually be kicked out.

    I remember when OJ won the criminal case against him, he came to Howard to embrace his blackness for the first time and they would not allow him in through those gates and in the Yard. He had to walk around, outside the perimeter of the iron fence, while signing autographs.

    This whole thing reminds me of how the Natives felt when white people first came to this country and planted themselves as if this is all theirs. They must've had the same entitled attitude as this guy. "If the so called Indians didn't want them here, they should move"….lol.

  10. What the f*** on the title alone! And I should not have listened to this at 6 am before going to work where I’m the only black person…

  11. 🙄Mayonnaise Flavored Mammals 😂 will not force Howard University to go anywhere, walk your dog some where else idiot, thank you!

  12. The students should chill on his lawn and say the same bullshit he said. We’re a community…

  13. Why do White ppl think the world revolves around them? Oh wait I remember, white privilege. That’s it

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