Dad Charged With Assault After Tackling Student Who Was Wrestling His Son

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Author: phillyfinest369


35 thoughts on “Dad Charged With Assault After Tackling Student Who Was Wrestling His Son

  1. He read the liberal news that’s why he saying it’s not illegal. Dude in the red is right . Charlemaine is a donkey ignorant dude

  2. I hate when ctg not educated about something but argues like he is. That's an easy paralysis. That wasn't legal

  3. If you listen to the news reporter, she said that “the ref made a call” after the tackle which tells us that YES the move was illegal! So I see why the daddy was mad!

  4. Dropping someone on their head even if it was meant to be a body slam in a high-school wrestling match IS illegal and therefore wrong on behalf of the kid that performed the move.

    The father of the kid that landed on his head was wrong for running out onto the wrestling mat (I used to be a high school wrestler so I know the terms).

    Do illegal moves happen in sports on a regular basis, like elbowing an opposing player in basketball or grabbing their shorts, jersey or their gear in general (like in again in basketball, MMA, football, etc): YES. Are there different levels of illegal moves, Yes sure there is. But 2 wrongs don't make a right.

    That's why they have parents sign a waiver for sports like wrestling because sometimes things don't always play out perfectly and "stuff happens". If the father or anyone can't handle or stomach seeing stuff like this happen to their kid then they need to try and sign up for another sport with less risk factors like badminton or perhaps a virtual/online death match where they fight another player (could be fr across the world) to the death, all from the comfort of their home😏

  5. Once again Charlamagne is talking about things he knows nothing about. He is confusing professional wrestling with amateur wrestling. He used to be funny but now he's all political he's kinda what's wrong with black people now smh.

  6. It was an illegal move and could of broke his kids neck, I’d probably react similar, and be ready to fight their dad too.

  7. He’s so fucking ill informed it’s not even funny! That was a dirty and ILLEGAL toss that could’ve broken that kids neck! Charlamagne needs to shut his mouth.

  8. Right as his son was hitting the ground, the dad was up and on his feet. Then ran at the speed of light to teach the other kid a lesson, he knew the referee could not.

  9. Drama I feel u 100% percent… but instead of jumping on the kid I woulda met him after the match and slammed his father like that 😭 the move was definately illegal

  10. A lot of Charlemagne's comments are so ignorant… I know that this is "entertainment" and not "news," but aren't there people who help research before he talks about things? No, this man should not have tackled the student, but the kid performed an illegal move that could have left his son paralyzed. Saying that the man should expect his son to get hurt under those conditions is like saying you should expect someone to crack your kid across the back w a baseball bat.

  11. Sometimes I wish he would do his research. That boy did an illegal move that could have broken his neck. He always y’all about context and just excludes the context.

  12. The ref wasn’t reacting to the move, he actually made the signal/call to the scorers table to indicate that the wrestler did in fact commit a dangerous move which actually does mean it was illegal.

  13. I don't think it was the slam that set him off…. I think it was the type of slam. That type of slam could've paralyzed his son, and he did look hurt. However! That father was dead wrong.

  14. Charlemagne! Envy is absolutely right. The ref blew the whistle BECAUSE it was an illegal move. Highly illegal! I slammed him on the back of his neck and could have killed or paralyzed him. The kid also raised up in a daze.

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