Coach Prime Deion Sanders Slandered For Leaving Jackson State For Colorado

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Author: phillyfinest369


28 thoughts on “Coach Prime Deion Sanders Slandered For Leaving Jackson State For Colorado

  1. Being from Jackson, but graduating from PWI school, It was great to see all the exposure that Coach Prime brought not only to Jackson St. but to all HBCU's across the south. I understand both sides. Its ok for people to feel upset because a coach left the program that they loved. In Coach Prime case he did a lot in a short period of time. He was very successful and the power 5 schools came calling made him an offer that he felt he had to take. He is in no way a sellout. But he disappointed some people by leaving, although he was always honest about if a power 5 reached out that he would listen. The disappointments stems from Coach Prime message to the players, his whole pitch to theses 4 and 5 star athletes was "you don't need a PWI school to reach your dreams" We need to get our athletes (black athletes) to go to our schools and build HBCU's" so come here with us. I think that's why so many people are disappointed, because he was on the first thing smoking to get out of town. We all know how this movie ends. Jackson St. will never again be the same. Coach Prime in essence did what everyone does to the black community. Come in, with an agenda of hope and religion and we fall for it hook, line, and sinker every time. Its not his fault, its just the world we live in. Money all ways wins out, and PWI schools over the years and with how society has been structured generate way more money than HBCU's. Thank you Coach Prime, it was fun while it lasted. Good Luck at CU

  2. He did say out his own mouth in front of Jackson State Football team You May hear I’m going to another school don’t believe it and then went to another school. Idk 🤷🏿‍♂️

  3. My only issue with all of this is with Black media in particular with shows like First Take, and Undisputed. Yes JSU has had a great two year run but folks like Stephen A and Shannon Sharpe pretend like JSU has been the only HBCU that has had a great run in recent history. Where was all of this media love when North Carolina A&T was dominating HBCU football from 2017 through 2019 3-peating the HBCU National Championship? Where is the love for A&T's nationally ranked track team sending 5 athletes to the 2020 Olympics with two of them winning medals.

  4. The show is missing the point… no one said that Coach Prime had to stay at an HBCU forever or that had to be his dream … we believe that, because he said it! He sold a bill of goods to the city of Jackson, students and other HBCU schools about moving Black talent from PWIs to HBCUs and investing in our communities. Then this man jumps ship at the very first offer given to him – a school in last place in PAC 12 from a #1 FCS school. He said it isn’t about the money, it’s about shifting college sports and centering Black schools, then he stole the winning moment from his players to announce his departure, didn’t allow them to participate in the press conference and then said if you hit the transfer portal and skip the Celebration bowl, you’ll be sorry. On top of…he skipped the SWAC press conference which is primarily Black media, to control his narrative via an announcement on social media to hop on a private flight to Boulder, CO at 10pm PT that night and the school drops on social his coaching appointment. He stole that moment from the players, staff and folks who put in the work to prioritize his own motives and strategy. He enticed 3 and 4-star high school recruits to waive offers at Power 5 schools to play under Coach Prime only to dip and cost them a year of playtime critical for their ability to go pro. Lastly, he is leaving the majority of his Black coaching staff behind and cherry-picking the top Black talent from the school to now play at a PWI- literally countering everything he promised.

  5. As T’Challah said, “It’s not the end, more of a stepping off point.” Just need more of our own to follow suit, it was ALWAYS gonna take more than one man. Salute.

  6. I swear it be your own people. Deion has done a lot for JSU and HBCU schools in general for the short time he was there. He choose to take a better job paying 10 times more, how many of ya'll would turn that down. Nobody!

  7. At some point it has to about the advancement of Black people as a whole and the bag will come. If we’re always selling ourselves to the highest bidder, how do we expect to get anywhere?

  8. The problem is that Deion made it seem like he was there to help his people for the long haul, but he’s not. He spent 2 complete seasons and the Covid season. He didn’t even fulfill his contract. Everything that he did was great, but it was for him. As long as he was there, JSU would have top notch facilities, but what’s going to happen when he’s gone? He made it seem like he was going to be there for a long time because it wasn’t about the bag, it was about building JSU and other HBCU’s now that he’s gone after only 2 1/2 years all of the momentum gone!

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