Caller Rips Charlamagne For Asking Why America Has Money For War But Can’t Feed The Poor

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41 thoughts on “Caller Rips Charlamagne For Asking Why America Has Money For War But Can’t Feed The Poor

  1. I ain't never seen no Africans come over here and wage war and they've been hungry for years if we don't give money to Ukraine they ain't going to do nothing that's why we got borders

  2. This country wasn't founded to exist solely as a means to social services for its citizens, quite the contrary… there is a world stage we have to contend with my friends… please stop this racial, diversionary rhetoric; its propaganda meant for divide and conquer

  3. Again, there goes your reparations black people. I get it, there are people in need, but I somehow feel that if America payed black people reparations, it would fix many other issues. Also, I knew this guys voice was going to sound the way it did. SMDH. For him though, Help Ukraine, come on man, help us. WE help weaker countries, bro I am black in America and it does not appear anyone is coming to help me and pay these damn reparations for my ancestors building this country. I keep saying it because it appears people have forgotten.

  4. Unless you're assumed the people giving them money aren't racist. We know well if it was gays or jews America and all Europe would've trashed Ukraine.

  5. I can’t lie I don’t agree with the caller, , I really think that he contradicted himself in one sentence, however, I will say that if someone is living in poverty and living in poverty, and living in poverty, when do you stop living in poverty? Sometimes it might be the government‘s fault, but then sometimes I believe that it is our fault in someways. I know many people who simply will not try to change their lives and their situation. But then they will blame the government, and everyone around them. So IDK as far as having money for war, I think that war is a An inevitable part of life unfortunately, being poor is something that I believe our communities can somewhat control, or at least do more than the government can about it at this present time

  6. Giving us money doesn't do much but help with a bill or two and or buy I don't think they should do that .but I do feel they should help us make the money on our own by providing better wages and lower living cost and a way we can get the training for higher paying jobs without the debt of student loans .better education would provide the country as a whole better ways to help the country be the shit for everyone in the country.

  7. His logic was stupid when people are doing the same thing here the problem I see are folks are fed up with how much of a piece of shit America is

  8. He is Illogical in his reasoning. Our elected officials are giving them money for their own selfish reasons. IMO White supremacy. I’m down with democracy but I’m more down for mines thriving, not just surviving

  9. Wow that guy is foolish. By his logic, it would make more sense to support our neighbors, who are close to us and have them means to come in our houses or cars. No one from Ukraine is coming to rob my house. It's ppl in my neighborhood that think I have something they want/need that can come in my place.

  10. Is this America? Land of opportunity? Can’t you get on social media and earn money. You can even scam people. Do we have homeless kids like third world countries? Like when you drive down the street and literally see people on the street homeless and you don’t do ish about it? Why you expect the govt to care for you when we don’t care about you? The govt will use you tho.

  11. They make money off of war. The people that run the U.S.A DO NOT care about their people. They care about money and power. Them mfers that run the USA don't do anything….ANYTHING for free. Helping the people "lower class" and homeless does nothing for them

  12. We already America doesn’t take good care of poor ppl especially poor black ppl,We shouldn’t be focusing where is the money,we she be taking the money and power.white folks understand this that’s why they control their politics,They put lips service into action to get what they want and we should do the same, complaining about America does us no good.

  13. bullets and missles sell well, beggars asking for more are a drag on resources. In short, war makes money. The unmotivated and unlucky cost money to keep alive, better to deny them their humanity letting them rot away under bridges and debt or better yet charge them monthly for insurance for "safety" to soften to blow of possible debt. Money on both ends.

  14. That was dumb. Why would a weaker country come take our stuff when they can't even defend their own shit??!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  15. I feel for Ukraine but F*** Biden forever for not forgiving our student loans like he campaigned on. BS they got billions to give away

  16. Life is hard! But as citizens of this country we have to put in work to become better and not expect a hand out. I mean, there are a lot of resources out there to help us too. Ppl shouldn’t take advantage of the system.

  17. Damn and it aparently was a black man that said this too 🤦🏾‍♂️ as neglectful and unfair and just pure evil as this country has been to us, it was a BROTHER that said this 🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. Well if you have to ask “what about us” Charlemagne, then your not black.
    Oh and never listen to anything anyone from NY has to say , New Yorkers are slow idiots .

  19. Give our people more opportunities and resources to make money. Educate people on how to make money, invest money and save money and hire money works.

  20. The really hope that caller 🤡 is reading these comments because that's what he sounds like. Because the question is asked why we can't help our own, not even a color but everyone struggling, he's triggered. Yeah well deserved donkey of the day.

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