Buffalo Shooting Suspect’s Family Blames COVID For His Actions

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Author: phillyfinest369


35 thoughts on “Buffalo Shooting Suspect’s Family Blames COVID For His Actions

  1. American racism was here from the very beginning, and will always be there to very end. It is what that country is made of from top to bottom, and in all sections of that society, the police, DA's, mostly white jury's, judges, to the Presidency tells you that. Really terrible people, who raise each generation to think, and act out this way, like this 18 YEAR OLD DEMONIC, MURDERER. Watch you'll see much, much more of this.

  2. 19C is the blame for all of this. Because of 19C, the FBI, the Minister of Truth, the entire Biden Administration and the unnecessary alleged Censorship Program caused everyone to get millions of dollars to search out anything that does not buy into this Administration's 19C Narrative and have them miss all of the clues and events that lead up to the mass shootings. He was in a mental institution last year for homicide ideations but he was still able to acquire weapons and carry out a live stream of his mass shooting.! Yep 19C is the blame!!! Sine he was allegedly ignored before the incident, just maybe this was a set up to for gun control and or a distraction from something else. After all there were only 6 mass shootings within 3 days in the same month that George Floyd was murdered 2 years ago. Somebody please comment below and let me know why the 6, the 3, and the 2 is standing so far out. I understand that 2 x 3 = 6 but I think it's more to it than that.

  3. get sick and tired of my people talking about "hate" yet we do the most of it.
    We want to point fingers but the truth is that white boy got close because we are not a unit. It's MY FAULT this happened….I killed those 10 people because I can't find bravery and the common sense to realize my worth. I don't wanna hear black people talking about hate crimes anymore. Look in the mirror…because it's us. They have no power…….It's our fault. We let them do this. We even let them put us on boats because we worship their culture and proudly forget ours.

  4. Welp – that’s what the conservatives do – blame everyone else for the ills of society and the “fall of civilization”.

  5. The irony is that he's going to jail for the rest of his life. Let's see how he likes being in close quarters with other inmates. Also, all I want to hear about his family is that some of them get arrested as well. No way did they not know what he was going to do. No way.

  6. Till the truth history of this nation comes out this nation was built for white male land ownership middle class and up the Americans dream wasn't promised to us in the US constitution or for the original naive Americans Indiana AKA African American stay woke

  7. Snap judgements don't allow you to intentionally purchase a rifle. Snap judgements don't allow you to write your white hate all over said weapon(s) and snap judgements definitely don't lead you to drive 300 miles to kill. Nothing about this is a knee jerk reaction. A terrorist, is a terrorist, is a terrorist.
    🕊️May those 10 souls rest peaceably 🕊️

  8. Anti Black Hate Crime Bill with financial resources just like the Asians uh Biden Harris where’s the bill! Black America we waiting for the news press conference! Btw have y’all met with Cube?

  9. Jamaican Shottas from Philadelphia,a NY and LA 1st start wearing skinny jeans when everyone else was wearing baggy jeans

  10. My family was directly impacted (RIP Kathy Massey) and having been born and raised in Buffalo, I know how racist some people outside of the actual city are. We see it everyday. Tbh, it’s expected for them to deflect and find any other reason other than the one reason that is the truth. RIP to all of the victims and sending prayers to all other families and friends affected.

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