Blind Man And His Service Dog Get Kicked Out Of Restaurant

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Author: phillyfinest369


33 thoughts on “Blind Man And His Service Dog Get Kicked Out Of Restaurant

  1. A lady with "emotional support animals" once yelled at my family cause her dogs ran over to us after we sat next to her table. She said something ugly about "I bet they don't even speak English"

  2. As someone who works retail, I can confirm that lot of people like to claim that their dogs are service dogs to try to get them into stores. However, the moment he showed her his card, that should have been it.

  3. Speaking of someone who’s half blind I can see I can get around thank God I know what it means to be disabled to need help sometimes. And I know people who have service dogs but I have to stress that there is a difference between a service dog and a companion. Sadly over the years we have seen the idea of a companion stretched to the extreme people head companion pigs companion rodents companion snakes. Look at how the airline industry had to specifically change what they would consider a companion animal because people started bringing everything on board. It became very easy for someone to request a companion animal and get whatever they want it. Even if they didn’t necessarily need a companion animal. They had people taking miniaral horses on airplanes or at least trying to. So what it sounds like happened here was someone had another animal in the facility and they bit a customer I don’t doubt the owner of the bar when she says that because many people were carrying dogs around saying this is my companion and they were doing it just because they wanted the dog with them. I know people who got companion certificates not service certificate companion certificates and they didn’t need a companion dog all they said was this dog helps relieve my stress level and the doctor signed off on it they never needed a companion dog they lived years without a companion dog no problem all of a sudden they were taking the dog everywhere they had to go. It was the thing to do it is still the thing to do in some states and counties. So let’s not jump on the owner for this because I can understand the issues she faced. I think they could’ve handled it better especially with a man who truly had a service dog which is totally different than a companion. Companions don’t even have to necessarily be trained whereas service dogs are trained because the person needs them to live their lives. So give the bar owner a break here let’s try and understand the issue better and let’s try and build a society where people who are disabled can do more can thrive.

  4. My mans just wanted a few brews and a burger bruh! Ain't like he asked for Heineken! 😂 I got on glasses and a cane! Im blind bihh!!!! 😭🤦

  5. The problem with those certifications is there is no regulatory body governing them. That means any idiot can print one from the internet or buy one from Amazon and claim their poorly trained or untrained animal is a service animal when it is not. It is unfair to people like this guy with actual disabilities who need the help of service animals and it is unfair to people who know how to follow the rules. That is why I am a STRONG believer that service animals should be registered as such with the state and given their own state-issued ID card. Similar to handicap plates, it would require a doctor to certify the need, be assigned to ONE person, and the animal would have to be certified by a regulatory body (e.g., the organization that trains the animals). I personally would not mind paying extra state taxes or DMV fees to cover the expense for low-income people.

  6. If I were the manager I would offer to seat him outside on the patio but not inside. you gotta find a middle ground to serve the customer but also uphold your policy.

  7. It is 100% not hard to recognize a service dog versus a regular dog and no way a service dog almost bit anyone. What the owner did was illegal.

  8. Blind or not Mike get that shit to go or eat on the patio. People in the restaurant could be allergic to dogs so how does that work? Who's aliment trumps whos?

  9. I understand abt the accessories helping to id him.. but even the ADA website ids that a lot of people commit fraud with their emotional support animals including ordering fake collars and paperwork

  10. As my grummaw would say, "if it got teeth it can bite". So, there's no such thing a harmless dog, and some of these weirdos be too liberal with the handling of their's. Like, put a leash on that mf and keep 'em close! With that said, a service 🐕‍🦺 is specially trained and the man had his docs. This was some cruel power trip … or maybe the dog identified as Black lol

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