Balenciaga Suing Set Designer For $25M Over Controversial Campaign

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46 thoughts on “Balenciaga Suing Set Designer For $25M Over Controversial Campaign

  1. Exactly that they knew before they even snapped the photos No one objected or thought it was a problem the photographer took the photos and youll went with it Now that it became an issue you wanna Sue somebody

  2. It seems like the producers tried an artful way to mock the ruling, showing kids still and attempting to push the envelope. The problem is people aren't that stupid. I'm just glad it's getting light because we can't do shit about it anyway

  3. Shout out to Charlemagne 4 being the first major media outlet I’ve seen 2 report on this, do it so in-depth, and input your own genuine, human insight.

    I’m sure you are setting the example for these other stations nd outlets.

    Real ones anyways

  4. Their creative lady who also works for adidas is a straight demon. She locked down her IG but it was full of demonic stuff. Her name is something like lutta or lukka

  5. So the relatively low lever set designer or whatever will be the scapegoat. I find it almost impossible to believe that this and other such campaigns weren't seem and reviewed by other higher lever employees prior to publication. It beggars belief.

  6. Balenciaga are proven Satanists. Look up Kering, the parent organization of the company. The owner's name is Francois Pinault, married to Salma Hayek. He owns an auction house where he's sold statues of children being sexualized and dismembered, no fucking joke.

  7. KCUF BALENCIAGA! This show gonna fall apart when Ang bounces. It's mad annoying that Char tries to disagree with EVERYTHING Envy says. Even when they agreeing in what they say.

  8. BECAUSE THE WHITE JEWS THAT CONTROL THE WORLD ALLOWED IT MICHAEL JACKSON, Dave chapelle, prince, ye, the list is endless of individuals that try to tell us what’s BEEN going on/Howard stern white privilege “I don’t like it so you shouldn’t do it” smfh lol

  9. Don’t throw away Aré burn the items you brought from balencia give the items to charity give to the homeless ect that’s how you ruin a brand you ruin there image as a premium brand

  10. Charla is Hater of the Century! 😂 That boy said Lil Duval's PJ is on its last leg and only flies 100 miles at a time! I spit my drink out!

    Balenciaga need to just accept that they're FULL OF S#$+! And I hope the SAME ENERGY is put into them that just came for Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears! Just saying! It's the end of the world when it's us!

    Stern should focus on his own! That woman is living the life she lives, NOT showing off. And if you see it that way, it's because you want to see it that way!

    And Angela…I will miss your perspective on this show. We will tune in and support your new endeavor! Blessings. BC… y'all better come CORRECT with her replacement!!!!

  11. I don’t know why they want to sue the set designer. Balenziaga… your plush bears are bad, the placing is bad, the entire idea is awful.

  12. I don't agree with a lot of takes you guys give… but props to calling out Balenciaga out on their pedophilia bs.. in no world should we be sexualizing kids and allowing pedophilia to be normal

  13. The only reason the Elites are throwing money is to save face.. the elites want to protest for kids LGBT rights yet how are these trafficking kids ended up on expensive exclusive vacations that are not open to the public… Hollywood has a graveyard of sexual child abuse crimes since Shirley Temple was on TV…since the Bible people used to burn their kids to baal for a check.. of course some people will sell their kids for some * Baal * – enciaga

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