Bagel Karen Calls Black NYC Bagel Shop Employee The N-Word, Uses Her Biracial Children As Defense

Salute + for capturing the crazy in the streets!!!

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Author: phillyfinest369


39 thoughts on “Bagel Karen Calls Black NYC Bagel Shop Employee The N-Word, Uses Her Biracial Children As Defense

  1. Racism is a mental health issue that manifests as a delusional psychotic symptom. Racists are a danger to themselves, and unfit for society. Unsupervised racists left wandering around display a psychopathological disorder treatable in mental institutions. Hate is the moral value of racists while carrying their ancestor genes that have yet to take a quantum leap to evolve. These white supremacists have infected law enforcement to kill Black people, and they celebrate it on their websites. Fight them immediately by all means when attacked, or send them to a mental institution for treatment because they are useless, and worthless savages still at the primitive stage of human evolution. It's a waste of time protesting racists, they are not evolved to capture the essence of being human. Fight them or help them depending on the circumstances.

  2. No, you can’t be racist if you have mixed children. You’re an idiot comparing That to SLAVERY!! How freakin stupid !! And if you have black children, you wouldn’t say the n word ?? Really ??? So, you mean you don’t use the n word while having black children?? You say you use logic, however you don’t mind being hypocritical. If it’s ok for you to use the n word , it shouldn’t matter to you who else uses it . THAT’S logical . Learn what it means , please . You are the biggest idiot on YouTube and the biggest racist , Charlemagne .

  3. I’m mixed. My momma never ever used that word. Yo my wife is white. If she ever used that word. Haha. Never. Yo my quarter black kids can’t use that word.

  4. But the sad part is a Black man would prefer her, take care of her, and marry her before he would a Black women and that's the problem.

  5. Damn, I feel so sorry for some kids these days. After seeing this those babies don’t have a chance in hell. Should a parenting book be given or offered to some parents who need it. Please 🙏 don’t be a shame.please take the damn book. I will pay you to do so.

  6. dude why keep bringing up slavery our parents and their parents didnt have slaves man put that to rest already shit ended in 1865 i mean damn its 2021 stop reaching

  7. I feel sorry for her children and what she treats them. When people do see her. But also hope that the dad is in their life and try to get his children

  8. Saying she wants a white baby with her biracial baby in her arms…I pray for these children. They're gonna have a warped sense of self and will need lots of therapy.

  9. Lmao yo she sounds crazy my dad is black and my mom is white and they’re still married but I be damned if my mother said some shit like this… just cuz you have black children doesn’t mean you aren’t racist wtf

  10. Part of me feels she’s misunderstood, and really doesn’t mean no harm honestly. This is the only Karen I say this about. All the other Karens are really racist..Her personally is just off. However, you don’t call people that even when your mad.

  11. She’s right she identified as black if she is Sicilian even though she is Italian and looks white. Like you said and you’re right she should never us the N word to aggravate anyone especially she has four black children that word should never be coming from her.
    She needs to realize that she will confused her kids by doing so..

  12. Logic is half white and black but he looks more white and his mom was incredibly racist he said. She would call him and other black people “N word” all the time. So just because you have black kids doesn’t disqualify you from being a racist

  13. Things online never go away, I wonder how that baby will feel when she grows up and there is her mother holding her and wishing for a blond blue eyed baby because they would be prettier. She wants to know how her genes would play out, why didn’t she think about that before she decided to have babies with a black man.

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