Bachelorette Hannah Brown Sings the N-Word on Instagram

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Author: phillyfinest369


20 thoughts on “Bachelorette Hannah Brown Sings the N-Word on Instagram

  1. Wasn't Malicious! Jesus Christ people relax!! African Americans use music as a vehicle to teach everyone to use the N word and when African Americans learn to stop desensitizing one another from the use of the term then suit will follow. You are pointing your fingers at young whites and there are three fingers pointing back at ya. Everyone stop using that disgusting term, including the African Americans for god sake!!! My teen son will sing hip hop songs and I explain to him that that shit is part of the problem. Everyone I mean Everyone needs to stop using the term.

  2. Yeah, sell songs and make money with songs that contain words you dont want others to utter… hypocritical fools

  3. Why does anyone still use it? I mean real shit.
    It’s just funny how Anyone bashes white people and it’s all good. Lol
    I’m not white but I just think it’s funny.

  4. She know what she was doing bc everybody know after you record a video you check the video then upload it so she knew she said the n word and still posted it she just wanted attention

  5. Everyone says the n word on Instagram. Smh. The black folk love calling each other the nword You all raciest to your own race , keep degrading yourselves y’all.

  6. People say the n-word because of ignorance. They think they know what
    the word means but they don't. Black ancestors died horrible deaths at
    the hands of racist people; and, that word was the last word they heard
    and were called in their suffering. During slavery, those same racists
    people forced blacks to call each other the word in minstrel shows. It
    gave the racists a sense of confirmation and pleasure. Today, usage of
    the n-word comes from a people who don't know their history or heritage.
    Which is shameful because today more then anytime in history people
    have access to information but waste their time on meaningless junk
    instead. It also comes from the weaken of the family unit along with
    the education system. NO ONE should have the word in their music or
    vocabulary or calling someone else the word. NO ONE black, brown or
    white. When a people disrespect and degrade themselves….the world will
    disrespect and degrade them too. Believe it.

  7. Whenever they get canceled, they be ballin' their eyes out asking, "I don't understand, how can I be dismissed by one word?"
    Saweetie, because you were given the simplest and easiest of any task out there, and you failed. So if you can't do that, what exactly can YOU DO?
    In meme language: "You had OOONE job." And it was the easiest. Why would anyone find you competent? You don't even understand the simplest of matters.

  8. They'll say, "Black ppl, have self-control when four cops are on your back while you're handcuffed on hard concrete and losing air.", but they can't have the simplest form of self-control and just not say one word? 🤔🤔🤔
    I mean, no wonder they struggling with this Quarantine? Spoiled individuals have the worst self-control.

  9. They're also the only ones obsessed with touching another race's hair and skin. They say it's out of curiosity, but other races do not have hair and skin like ours, and yet SOMEHOW they manage not to pet people like animals(I mean, why do even wanna be touchin' strangers' bodies). SO, if you are not INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST, then you must clearly see it is truly a matter of SELF-CONTROL. Just like how YA BE TELLING US TO HAVE SELF-CONTROL when we're being suffocated while handcuffed on concrete, have the simplest form of self-control and JUST NOT SAY ONE WORD.

  10. Bruh she hardly even said it. And even if she shouted it, it's a song, who cares. Also Charlamagne making all these white jar of mayo jokes but he's the type to cry if a white person made black coco bean jokes.

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