Attorney Faces Potential Sanctions After Using Chat GPT To Write Court Filings

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32 thoughts on “Attorney Faces Potential Sanctions After Using Chat GPT To Write Court Filings

  1. Charlemagne, do you remember when the internet first emerged and older individuals like yourself were young, while older individuals were expressing concerns about its potential dangers? Meanwhile, younger individuals saw it as the next great innovation. It seems that you hold a similar viewpoint now. I understand that Chat GPT, being a product of the internet, is still in its early stages, and mistakes are bound to happen. It's ironic to see you criticize someone who had a 30-year career for making one mistake in trusting new technology. It feels unfair to put them down while acknowledging that the internet itself faced skepticism in its early days. I believe it's important to recognize that people will make mistakes, especially when dealing with emerging technologies. For this particular video i hate everything you said here. I find your approach to be disappointing in this particular Donkey of the Day segment.

  2. ~i learned about "CHAT GPT" several weeks ago…..I think it is a cool cheat-code ….but just like for anything, to make sure info is credible, especially if it's info that U put yourself out on the limb for …LOLOLOLOL..even if CHAT GPT got it from one of the Smartest Human or Robot always do your own Research for yourself….don't even listen to Me absolutely if I tell U something….Question everything and research as much as possible to come up with your own conclusion….But don't take anything at face value….. because people have always been fooled by a Robot, Human or Device that they see as a Genius and just taking everything they say as facts…lololol…Just like Me telling U my Life Secrets (I got some more I wanna tell on my future songs when I get in the Music Game as a late bloomer…lol)…lolol…Use Me for an example…. Listen and read my words …and research if I'm lying to U or not….I never Snitched on Street business….LOLOL…I only called the Police to find a Mentally ill group home client of a company I worked for called Rescare where I supervised mentally ill patients, he ran away…lololol…so on my record…I can't work those type of jobs because.y coworkers set me up and think my Step Dad had a part to do with that…lololol…so I can't supervise mentally ill patients no more because of neglect on my record…lolol….that was a past job I worked that my parents ain't think I was gon last long in…so I think my Step Dad sent the client to the house I was supervising to try to get me fired …lolol…but yea that ain't no street business that's finding a missing mentally ill patient…lolol..and another time I contacted authorities was thru Lawyers for a car accident…when I was delivering Pizza as a Delivery Driver…lololol…I won the case thru my insurance company getting money from the other person insurance company, they gave me a fake insurance but my lawyer found out they real insurance…lolol..and Yea I win money but it wasn't a lot…it was like a measly $2000 …LOLOLOL…$2000 ain't no money…that's chump change…LOLOLOLOL…that's money for brokers but that's not real money to Me ..lololol…those the only 2 times I contacted authorities…lolol…I ain't never testified on the stand or call to snitch on anybody in the streets…LOLOLOL… Whatever else y'all heard …is false & haters prolly made up some stories to try to mess up my reputation…lololol…..1LOVE

  3. Using ChatGPT you still need to use critical thinking skills… If you were to ask it to build a website and give you the code, it would have so many errors. Its a tool and Charla still think its the terminator lmao

  4. I'm going to keep building my company and hopefully one day get on your show. AI and Blockchain are paradigm shifting technology. Char AI isnt evil. The goal of my research and others isn't to replace humans, but to turbo boost productivity and creativity. A cognitive co-poilot. The fact a child in a little village in africa with a mobile phone, can have a personalize teacher to teach them progranming or whatever…bra AI is about the democratization of cognition.

    You guys need to have people on the show. Experts. This aint fair char. You shitting on what i dedicated my life toom

  5. Dummmmyyy😂😂😂 I'm sorry, this is hilarious. This guy risked his career pulling a middle school scam.

  6. Chat GPT discloses their limitations which are as follows:
    1. May occasionally generate incorrect information
    2. May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content
    3. Limited knowledge of world and events after 2021

  7. I appreciate this story = ALL of the so-called "experts" claimed "AI" would destroy society…..yet instead, it CLEARLY "EXPOSED" cheaters in society = the AI is so imperfect that it can't fool ANYONE with moderate intelligence = people like Charlemagne WILL have problems/trouble with AI because they're MORONS at best

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