Alabama Senator Argues That ‘White Nationalism Is Just An Opinion’

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34 thoughts on “Alabama Senator Argues That ‘White Nationalism Is Just An Opinion’

  1. White nationalism isn't just defined as supremacy. I've met some moderates who say they want the opportunity to have their own land and culture. I understand there are extremist out there who are definitely racist but we shouldn't throw that term around so loosely

  2. A white man 110% against racism? I suppose there’s a first time for everything… what actions have you taken in your entire life to PUNISH and STOP racism?

    I won’t hold my breath.

  3. There is a cold war against the black community since Reagan became president..he reversed all the education systems and destroyed unions..each decade they chipped away from affirmative actions.. now Clarence Thomas has voted against affirmative actions..they now reveal their plans

  4. 1:46 she is wrong. white nationalist just want to live in a country or land of whites. thats different than thinking theyre superior. black people just had knowing so many words and hate learning the difference. stop being mentally lazy OR admit you dont know what youre talking about.

  5. This dude really went all, i coach college football. I should be a senator now! Then alabama went and made him one 🤦‍♂️over doug jones!

  6. Here we are again another old white man in politics that needs to sent home and spend time on his porch. Have y'all ever noticed that when America is not fighting any International wars they then turn on Black Americans just so old white men can stay in power. There are more police on the streets but there wasn't that level of police on the streets when there was fear of terrorist attacks.

  7. I mean the LGBTQ changed the definition of gender. For the longest time, gender was another word for sex. We accepted it because they say that words change over time. Why not change the definition of white nationalist?

  8. Joe Biden sat on your show and said, “if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black” Charlemagne please don’t try to school people on what white nationalism is. When it’s right in front of your face you almost never confront it. But you and your guest will confront Asian Americans like Vivek Ramaswamy, so make it make sense.

  9. “Master Plan” Once, I was a poor person. Wanting to conquer a rich African land. I prayed to the Devil, to give me a master plan.. The Devil said, send offerings. Preachers, bibles, warm smiles. Give them firewater, trinkets of peace. Deliver evil in style. Africans greeted me, with food and open arms. This is far too easy. My evil plot is getting warm. In the name of my God, your souls, I will save. You gullibly accepted. Now, one foot is in your grave. You showed around your land. I saw all of its riches. My red, devilish, dick got hard. Peeping at the cute black bitches. I studied your people with passion. I was so eager to learn. I shook your hand, in the name of God. Said friend, I will return. I hauled ass back to Europe. Disclosing facts of my mission. Still in the dark ages. Now, my people have a vision. I told them, they’re not human. Though, they are very humane. Don’t enter that on the record. We have too much to gain. We set sail, with our mighty army, of evil and greed. Soaking the land in your blood. In your women, we sowed seeds. With a whip, a shackle, and a gun. We declared you less than a man. We took your gold and diamonds. While shipping you to new lands. Now you’re just a slave. In the good ole U.S.A. Boy, your name is Toby. Its not Kunta Kinte! This master plan has worked pretty well for so long. But, after 500 years of you studying us. You’re getting too strong. Mr. Devil. I pray for you to update, this master plan. With a wicked smile, he said, keep ‘em fighting, each other man. They need to worship you. So, give them corrupted religions. Tell ‘em, they’re rewarded after death. They need that vision. They need to always love their enemies. Turn the other cheek. Erase and rewrite their history. They so desperately seek. Pass some laws. 3 strikes. And their men are behind bars. Now working for free. Making license plates for your cars. Keep them poor and uneducated. Bankrupt their schools. Recruit sex, money, dope, and violence singing fools. After the boys are felons, and the girls turned into ho’s. Teach them to highly respect, drugs, music, and sports. You know! Tell ‘em they ain’t shit. Over and over each day. Come on. Lets be creative. Theres millions of ways. Portray black negatively. Ingrain it in their minds. Their kids will think they’re so dirty. They’ll always be behind. Lets flood the streets with drugs. That’s so, so sweet. The studies have shown. It’ll leave them dead in the streets. Keep passing new laws. Let ‘em keep the rims & cellphones. Between jail, laws, and aids, we created. They’ll soon be gone. Tell ‘em, manhood training 101, is how many times you have sex. Tell ‘em, to be so proud. Of how many babies, with an ex. Tell ‘em, they’re a gansta. Who me, work? Teach that shit! Give ‘em, BET. So, they can see their bitches, getting hit. Keep ‘em fighting the war on drugs and combatting aids. Make sure their kids continue, getting failing grades. Use black preachers and politicians, as your greatest friends. Throw them money and power. You’ll get it back in the end. I said, Oh Mr. Devil. You’re such a brilliant guy. We can control their generations. With a few simple lies. The Devil said. No fight is needed. To determine their fates. And, if and when, they figure it out. It’ll be too late. Don’t give them a decent job, education, or a home. Control the police and the media. Then take a vacation to Rome. But, Mr. Devil. What if this plan again needs revision? The Devil smiled. Said, son. Like 500 years ago, just kill ‘em…

  10. You left out what they did with LGBT, giving businesses the right to refuse service based on their First Amendment Rights. And, don't think that won't apply to race.

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