Alabama Basketball Player Charged With Capital Murder After Woman “Wouldn’t Talk To Him”

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Author: phillyfinest369


34 thoughts on “Alabama Basketball Player Charged With Capital Murder After Woman “Wouldn’t Talk To Him”

  1. So sad loosing a life cuase of a rejection.. ive gotten rejected bunch of times killing that personbnever crossed my mind…

  2. I see why Angela Yee left 🤦🏾‍♀️ so many other topics to give donkey of the day too and He chose to slander this mans name for owning a gun used in murder. But only said the actual shooters name twice 🤦🏾‍♀️ this show is garbage and is definitely in them people pockets. Of course when someone dies they make the person they lost out to be the victim but the mother is LIEING. The boy is obviously heard on recording saying he loved her. Idk bout y’all but that’s not a reaction of being rejected it’s the reaction of being fucked over. And for her NEW boyfriend to be shooting back only leaves me to believe further that it was some back forth between the two. Leading to his Friend either borrowing the gun or stealing it. And this is the final result. But instead of choosing a different topic like the lil kid in Virginia that shot his teacher or his parents or anything else he chooses to put an innocent brown man on the spot for owning a gun. Charlemagne loves tearing his own people down just to keep getting his butt fucked by them people 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. Men, Women, Father's, Father figures teach your son's/youth about women, feelings and rejection. Man threw his life and took a life because his feelings hurt.

  4. When I was in college, a shootout broke out because the shooter asked a girl for her phone number. After she said no, they did a drive by resulting in a woman being shot in the leg. Not sure if she was the same woman who rejected the shooter earlier.

  5. That's not the whole story and that's not the true story the woman was an innocent bystander that got shot while she was sitting in the car from a argument between the guy that she's with and Darius it was exchange of gunfire it has yet to be determined who fired first so this can easily be self-defense with involuntary manslaughter accidental death if it's determined that the guy in the car fired first they can easily beat this case sadly the young lady loses her life and her child has to grow up without a mother on the same note it's a lot of women that break up with guys or mad because the guy is not interested in her after they had sex will run and go get another guy to defend her without telling him the whole story 💯💯💯

  6. This is truly sad.
    Black queens are to be protected instead of gunned & left for dead on the campus strip.
    May God bless & protect the young lady's family 🙏🏾

  7. Look at him. I mean he look like something not right him and on top of that his head got to big, because he was a basketball star. So now here come this beautiful queen and she turn him down, and I guess he couldn't understand that. He probably like "baby a star and can get any woman I want to" also we got to be careful who we hung around with and calls a friend. Because his friend problem got in his head and probably boost his ego and probably told him to hurt her. Now you have this lovely queen mother is dead and these 2 guys lock up and probably going to become someone Bitch

  8. To say you don't know how this happened then to follow and salute one party for "shooting back" is one reason people can't be innocent until proven guilty. Just found the two men guilty, and the other male innocent in Donkey of Day without trial is wild.

  9. U will eventually go, once it’s intimate to u. If it’s ur Mom, son, daughter or close friend. If it’s someone from the Breakfast Club ur going.

    I’m tired of funerals, don’t like funerals, (who dose) Never like going, didn’t go until I couldn’t avoid it.

  10. moron, idk what's up with these wannabe "thugs" who are so sensitive that they feel they need to hurt or kill someone who doesnt want to talk to them, already acting like they own that person

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