911 Dispatcher Who Didn’t Send Ambulance To Dying Woman Charged With Manslaughter

If you’ve been injured at a construction site or in any other kind of accident, dial # 250 on your cell and say ‘THE BULL’ or visit http://www.msllegal.com

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43 thoughts on “911 Dispatcher Who Didn’t Send Ambulance To Dying Woman Charged With Manslaughter

  1. yeah they be doing that ish in PA I'll call 911 one time when i was living in there and the soonest I told then I was Spanish they never send the help

  2. What a poor excuse of a human bein! Hope he feels her pain her family’s pain and then it reduces him to beg for forgiveness ! That’s the only way these type of ppl learn

  3. His a** needs to rot in prison, and it's about time dispatchers start being held accountable. Hopefully, this will send a msg to all the other useless dispatchers to get their bs together. Also, after last enforcement throws him away…they need to go get that dispatcher/b***h that just blatantly disregarded #LorenzenWright's 911 call as he laid on the ground being shot down like an animal dying! Pitiful…SMH‼️

  4. Just from the looks of this guy, just like his face his whole life is shitty. Nothing more dangerous than giving a little bit of power to someone with a shitty life.

  5. I went through this town an was pulled over for speeding thinking i would just get a ticket yet no i owed a find from 1997 an never knew they arrested me an took me to the local Prison yes not county jail an I was told that the head if the klu klux klan grand wizard daughter was in there an no blacks so watch my back I was horrified its 2019 an we're having this conversation not 1 soul spoke to me. My fine was paid an i was released next morning with not even a ride to the tow yard or even directions. This town has no cab or bus so i was stranded in middle of no where having to depend on stranger this is not the town to visit or go through their mindset is way out of touch.

  6. Is he really calling 911 racist but just had a lady on the show bragging about giving money to Planned Parenthood, which is the most racist organization ever built. It was built to control the black population… Google it

  7. This reminds me of the male nurse that ended up being a white supremacist with a podcast where he bragged about hurting black children. F#cking sick.

  8. The 90s song "911 is a joke" is still relevant to this day!! Damn bruh!! He going to jail for not doing a job that is for the greater good?!?!? He about to be "the help" in prison 💯💯💯💯💯

  9. Even when you go to the hospital. I’m going after a hospital right now because of how I was treated by a doctor. Migraine left arm going numb. This old cracked ass doctor yelled at me and created a hostile environment. Why I a black man would be expected to stay and be treated fairly after that is beyond me. I didn’t. Had multiple strokes the next day. Reported him to the hospital and they told me I’d have to return to care for them to do something. Never go to LBJ in Houston Tx. They will try to kill you.

  10. This really has nothing to do with pseudo theological pastor logic or white supremacy like CTG keeps spewing at his big age. people have been complaining about the lack of training for dispatchers for YEARS. It needs reform. but you can thank criminals and their mammy mommies for getting rid of funding to do so! this is what we're left with!!

  11. 2022 women are under attack. Overturned roe v wade, kidnappings, domestic violence, doctors taking advance of their patients who are giving birth or try to conceive its sick af out here

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