11 Republicans Voted Against The PACT Act To Provide Aid For Veterans

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42 thoughts on “11 Republicans Voted Against The PACT Act To Provide Aid For Veterans

  1. Anytime they pass a veterans bill that money just goes strictly to the the employees that works there people better check out the fact when these people retire how they live how they're pension is set up anytime they pass a bill when it's concerning veterans they do not receive that it only goes to the employees wake up America no different than our school system that's why we don't have schools with after school programs it to the administration the hierarchies that's getting paid $300,000 a year superintendent the whole system is corrupt from the governor mayor to the city council the whole system is corrupt

  2. I am a Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserve and these 11 Republicans are full of crap. We risk life and limb to defend this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And this is the thanks we get from you? Here's a salute to the 11 of you: 🖕

  3. I am taking care of my mom, a vet, with many complications from agent orange poisoning.
    She has had a heart attack caused by diabetes from the agent orange poisoning.
    They did not want to give her the meds the doctor who operated on her heart recommended. They wanted to give a cheaper one.
    My brother and myself just had her doctor send the prescription to Publix and paid for it ourselves.
    So thank you for calling out those Republicans.

    Thanks a million

  4. No care for the people who fought to keep these lazy ass folks in office. This is ridiculous!!! My grandfather fought in Vietnam serving the Marines!!!

  5. The same scumbags voted "Yes" to give 38 billion to Ukraine, but have a problem supporting Veterans that served to protect the country 😡! Scumbags!

  6. We live in a world where people with real essential jobs (nurses, teachers, vets, firemen) dont get paid enough or not appreciated enough.

  7. Give this Donkey of The Day to yourselves. The Bill changed from its initial introduction. It opened the door for the money to be spent on other things NOT AT ALL RELATED TO VETERANS. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

  8. People are overly emotional for dumb reasons. What was in the bill that they didn't want to vote for? These bills are written so fast and pumped out so quickly that people don't even read it. People need a week to read each bill to know what's really inside the legislation. Everyone's always emotional all we need to pass this bill we need to pass that but they don't realize that we're in a recession and we don't have money for it so guess what people don't realize also everyone's taxes will go up and we don't have money for ourselves. People need to be ashamed that they're passing laws right now and sending money to Ukraine that we don't even have at this moment. We're about to go to war with little to none oil and money. We have to face it we are in a huge recession and it's going to be a miracle to get out of it.

  9. These Republicans bitched about players kneeling during the national anthem but don't want to help the American veterans who fought for this country for years ..

  10. As a vet, especially a black woman, I’m not surprised but still disgusted. No one genuinely cares & it shows but they want us to fight wars they created to fight for “‘Mericas freedom”

  11. It's crazy that they don't want to help the veterans that defend this country but will send millions of dollars to the Ukraine and bring people from other countries to live here for free(well on our taxes)

  12. People: “Dems are weak… I’m not voting in the midterms”
    Also people: “I don’t like republicans… they’re monsters!”

  13. True story: in 2018, I was at a work event in a tie in downtown columbus… a veteran approached me in crutches asking for me to get money out of the atm for him down the street. I apologized and said I couldn't, he then told me I took his job and don't belong here.

    Little does he know my mom is Puerto Rican and both parents were in the army 💀

  14. This country is a ish hole. Im sorry… vets ( of war like actual combat, not vets who just work in office, anything beside war, bruh get outta here).

    They should be treated like how this country treat celebs… but more. We dont.. that's sad.. im shame to live this country.

  15. At the very least, they should work on the veterans care system we have now.
    Challenge to get appointments, care, anything… it makes no sense to me. It’s like they purposely set challenges in place to make getting care harder and take longer. Idk 🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. As a veteran myself I've been appalled by how this government shows how they care about us while we're in and out of service. We break our bodies and then have to fight to get our benefits. We have plenty of us spending years to get our shit to a point where we should be paid a reasonable amount for damages. We're not given the right information on the way out the door just so they don't have to pay for it. Then give us the run around after we start learning. I had a battle buddy who wasn't receiving the support he should of been given. He had an episode and was killed by police in his house in front of his family. I live near DC and the amount of homeless veterans around the area and who be at the VA hospital is ridiculous. This shit is not acceptable!

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