COLD CASE: 2005 Disappearance of Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone Jr. (Part 3)

Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone were last seen in the late evening of Saturday, February 19, 2005, leaving a bar on Philadelphia’s South Street for Petrone’s black 2001 Dodge Dakota pickup truck, (license plate YFH-2319), and never seen again.

FBI Seeks Information on Disappearance

This documentary brings you alongside Adventures With Purpose’s cold case investigation search as we return to the Deleware River in Philidelphia following clues from a viewer who noticed a broken gate at the Dwuk Boat Tour launch ramp 2 days after Danielle and Richard went missing over 16-years ago.

SOMETHING SERIOUS – Half of those we’ve recovered I personally feel they could have escaped their vehicles if they had an emergency window breaker. I cannot unsee the things I’ve seen, and will not show/share out of respect for the families. For the love of your family and loved ones, please consider purchasing a 2-IN-1 EMERGENCY WINDOW BREAKER SEAT BELT CUTTER today. -Jared

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What did happen to Danielle and Richard?

At the time of their 2005 disappearance, Richard Petrone, 35, was living in Pennsylvania and working at his parents’ bakery. Danielle Imbo, 34, worked from home for a mortgage company and was the lead singer of a New Jersey rock band. Both were single parents – Richard’s daughter was 14 at the time, and Danielle’s son was one year old.

The two were family friends who had dated as teenagers before they began an on-again, off-again relationship as adults. At the time, Danielle was married to her husband Joe Imbo, but they were estranged, and Danielle was in the process of separating from him.

On the night of Saturday, February 19, 2005, Imbo and Petrone met with friends at Abilene’s, a South Philadelphia Tex-Mex restaurant that has since closed.

Petrone’s friends, Anthony Valentino and his wife Michelle McLaughlin, joined Imbo and Petrone at the restaurant. They later told investigators that Imbo and Petrone appeared to be having a good time – they were sitting close together, smiling, and kissing throughout the evening. They were even overheard making plans for the next day.

At about 11:45 pm, Imbo and Petrone left Abilene’s. Petrone was going to drive Imbo to her condo in Mount Laurel, NJ, and then return to his own home. This would be the last time anyone saw them.

Since the couple’s disappearance, both of their cell phones have remained powered off. Neither of them have accessed their bank accounts or used their credit cards or E-ZPasses. Police weren’t even able to locate Petrone’s truck – a 2001 black Dodge Dakota with a NASCAR decal and the license plate YFH-2319.

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47 thoughts on “COLD CASE: 2005 Disappearance of Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone Jr. (Part 3)

  1. This case has been covered on a few of those ID Discovery shows, and it has always haunted me. It just seems so strange, and someday I hope the family is given the answers to questions they may never get to ask. ❤️ Everything you guys do has so much value, even when the results don’t solve the mystery you search for — it’s still so important to know where they aren’t.

  2. Hey my friend is fascinated by this case,he swears he found them,he has a terrible camera but he traced their route home and found a body of water deep enough to hold a truck,he sees a tow ball a windshield and something else ,he contacted the tip line but they never acted on it,its only 20 foot from the road

  3. Weird, I was searching on the internet for people missing with their cars. Scrolling through a Wikipedia page ..list of missing people in the world and saw this and said, "perfect for AWP" …guess I'm not the first to think this. Sad to see you didn't find them… yet.

  4. I found this about toll cams – "…Instead of clear video images of license plates, toll officials are often left with shots of pavement, blurry pictures of plates, photos of bumpers and–sometimes–no video image at all." Could the toll cam video have been faulty and they did make it to NJ?

  5. You guys are amazing with your investigation!! You guys don’t even have any professional training yet you’re able to solve cases the local trained law enforcement!!
    The degree from the Hard Knocks University has become far better in this situation!!

  6. There are no tolls entering NJ from the PA side. It seems way more likely they are in a body of water on the NJ side somewhere between the bridge and her house.

    You guys are amazing! Best of luck!

  7. If that 2001 Dodge pick-up truck is still in existence and somewhere underwater, I'm confident in their ability to locate it. As we've seen on other occasions, previous dive teams have failed to notice it. Some investigating agencies, perhaps even the FBI, have suggested the truck was immediately cut up or destroyed in some fashion. (In the right hands it may have only taken a few hours). But of course that's a theory based on the absence of any evidence to date.

  8. I live here and could show you all the places a couple would go near water. How about checking the Schuylkill. Boat House Row. They also could have taken Kelly Drive or River Rd and went in the water drinking and driving. Those roads are bad and curvy.

  9. Hi I was just checking out a thought on this case. If you map quest directions from South St to mt Laurel it takes you over Betsey rose bridge south 73 to 38. And there is a lake called strawbridge lake. I realize it's on the opposite side of their travels but it's a thought.

  10. I noticed huge barriers around the waters around where you were looking for Imbo and Petrone in Philly. Has anyone, either corporate or volunteer searchers, been checking inside those barriers?? I ask because of the gentleman found underwater in his vehicle on one of Doug's searches.

  11. I think simply by filming this video, it helps raise awareness about the disappearances. Hopefully either they or their vehicle can be found or someone come forward with new info.

  12. This is the case that brought me to your channel today I am now your biggest fan can you PLEASE PLEASE check the Cooper River in New Jersey for these two as other tipsters here habe suggested? Two families have been ripped apart and Danielle and Richard’s children deserve answers. The FBI have made all of this so much worse with their ridiculous theory that this was a “hit”, so each family has blamed the other for all of these years. So much bitterness for nothing. I’m convinced these kids went off the road. It was a cold night it makes sense they hit a patch of black ice. Please try again to find them. Their families desperately need peace.

  13. Pssst, just a small request. I can understand wanting to add music, but can the music be more subtle? Compared to the speaking it it a lot louder. (And I have hearing loss.) Sometimes less is more. Thank you… are doing a great job!

  14. I'm from the area where the parents owned a bakery, the family had been a part of the community for almost 70 years, and it's so sad to see that there are still no answers about their son and they lost their bakery.

  15. Want to Thank you for the info and videos you all put out to us. I bought my entire family the little window breaker seatbelt cutter for a Stocking stuffer once they each got a car…

  16. The only way to get your Philadelphia card is if you can spell Schuylkill. I hope you got to have a cheesesteak at Tony Lukes! Next time you're in town Cheesesteaks are on me. Keep going guys! You are doing the Lord's work!

  17. Jared please go back I have to believe they're both somewhere in the water close. It's my understanding a 18 year old bridge was was taken down and new bridges re-built. I didn't know ow them but they deserve to come home to ther families it's been too long and heartbreaking. Thank you for everything you do.

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