BREAKING NEWS: We Found 84-year-old Nadine Moses – Live Steam Update

Today AWP began our search for 84-year-old Nadine Moses who was last seen on May 4, 2021, shortly after 5:00 a.m. in Marine City, Michigan.

Her 2011 dark blue Ford Edge SUV was spotted on two surveillance cameras in Marine City.

The last activity tracked on her cell phone was 5:08 a.m. in that same area of M-29 and Fairbanks Street and 4 minutes later, the phone completely went off the grid at 5:12 a.m. as though it has been submerged underwater.

AWP was first contacted by Nadine’s daughter-in-law keeping AWP updated over the past several months as the search continued.

Beginning our search on the Southside of Marine City at the public boat ramp, Jared and Doug ran 2 sonar boats North towards the Belle River where they spotted a target matching the length of the missing vehicle.

After attaching a magnet to verify that it was metal, Jared dove 20′ underwater, 35-45′ from shore, and verified that the vehicle and plate matched Nadine’s missing car.

Visibility was less than 6 inches.

The family and local law enforcement were notified while AWP waited on the scene to offer their assistance.

With the county having a strong dive team with top-of-the-line gear, dive assistance was not necessary from AWP.

Upon removal of the vehicle, it was confirmed that a body was inside believed to be Nadine Moses.

A full autopsy will need to be conducted before the final confirmation

AWP met with the family shortly after today’s discovery, prior to the removal of the vehicle and body.

Our thoughts and prays go out to Nadine’s family during this difficult time.

We will have a full edit of our search and recovery efforts available in the next few months.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

We are humbled by the opportunity all of you have given us to help in the search for answers as to what happened to Nadine.

The AWP Movement would not be possible without your support, helping us travel the US offering our services for FREE to families searching for their lost loved ones… Thank you!

Many have been left to question how Adventures With Purpose receives its funding, who benefits, and how are the funds spent?

We answer those questions here… ➤

Because of your amazing support: 12 Missing Person Cold Cases Have Been Solved since 2019, bringing resolution and answers to families looking for their lost loved ones.

Without you being here as part of the AWP Family, we’d never be in this position to have this opportunity to travel the US, working these Cold Cases of Missing Persons, doing everything we can to help bring them home to their families.

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45 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: We Found 84-year-old Nadine Moses – Live Steam Update

  1. Yes AWP it is important to talk about the case after the event for your mental health. All your feelings of trauma is real and needs to be processed in a positive way. You guys are heroes to most of us and the families. Thank you for all that you do for the family and the community. I hope all the law enforcement groups greet you with open arms and appreciate your efforts no matter what the outcome is …good or bad. God bless each team member and keep them safe in your arms 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. I'm so glad Nadine was found for the family! These guys searched for my mom missing 23 yrs For 2 days… Unfortunately she is still missing but her story will be out there and we will get answers I truly am so happy for your family! God bless Georgia Smith missing

  3. Thanks to all of your wonderful searches! Great videos! My son was missing 10years he was found in Utah! It was so unreal that he had passed in a car accident & I was never notified by police. Finally after going to the Kent police department & told them I was totally ready for any truth. It was hard to get info because he was over 21. He did leave home often so I didn’t even worry until the Christmas. So glad I was able to have closure & the people had paid for his headstone. 💕🙏

  4. Thanks you guys for all you do behind the camera as well as in front of it. Your time and hard work makes this world a better place. And the good Lord knows we need more men like you in it. 🌎. Thanks to your families you leave at home when on the road for support you and the cause. 🫶🏻👍🏻👌🏻

  5. I feel like you're documenting your journey while memorializing the life and end of life of each and every person, found and not found. I am so proud of you. Thank you for all that you do. ❤️

  6. You are all doing a highly emotional job. I pray for EVERYONE of you. The gift you give the family and friends is immeasurable.
    Adding Doug to the team is awesome. I am very appreciative of what he brings to the team.

  7. Reading all the comments on this page, not only did AWP bring a family member home, they brought home a friend, aunt and much loved Grandmother, mother. So many lives were touched by one simple dive and search. Gods bless you all

  8. I have found out ministering to Families with death if loved one. Just lesson and give them all the time they need.
    Please don't say you what there going threw because everyone is very different.
    In your place theses cases they have gone along time, and tge oai us so different.
    The best book I use in my ministry is. Living when a Loved One Dies. Amazon has this nook.
    How Bless you all.

  9. Guys,

    My friends Michael Parker has the Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch in Texas. Michael is a Veteran who had to deal with Mental Health issues and that lead to him starting this Ranch.

    You can look him up on LinkedIn and other forums. I'm sure he'll be so proud to be of assistance to you for some down time.

    I also deal with PTS and other Mental Health Issues, thus I never want others too suffer if you can avoid it.

    With love and so much respect.

    Love Steph ❤
    (He'll know if you tell him I referred you)

  10. Very nice to see you talk about how this work impacts you personally and share your coping styles. I can't help to think about your health during each case I see you working on. You truly are are a very respectful, loving and supporting team helping eachother every step of the way 🍀Thank you for sharing! 🙏🏾

  11. You guys need to learn internally that just because it isn't the ultimate success, whatever you accomplish is a positive move forward for the family and law enforcement. You bring such attention to these stories that law enforcement can be restimulated to get involved in the case. They have access to these cold case files, they know information the family doesn't know. You can motivate a detective to look at the case again, and decide to widen it to 10-20 miles and get access to places you can't. The incredible positive things you create gives law enforcement the feeling, we don't have to expend resources in these 5-10 places, so let's spend a few resources here and here. The families always seem grateful there loved on isn't in a shit swamp or or twenty feet from shore. It is also a giant ice breaker between family and law enforcement, they are on the same side and it's still a case that needs attention. Dealing with dead bodies is processed differently per person.
    I personally worked at two different hospital's in Plant Operations, taking care of the hospital itself. At both hospital's I was assigned to take care of the double stack morgue freezers. So it was really my first introduction to dead bodies. One day I opened the door and there was a bundle of blankets and I was angry, I thought the nurse, ordely or mortuary didn't clean up. I picked it up and immediately realized it was a dead newborn. It was the first death that affected me. I sat down and held this baby and cried my eyes out. After I composed myself I went up to Labor/Delivery/ Recovery. I asked them how they process losing a baby. We talked about my little experience. They told me it brought them so much joy for all those that enjoyed life it made it easier to cope with the ones they lost. Hit me up if you want to chat more, especially about talking with a Psychologist to sort out and compartmentalize the good from the bad and tonot ever see your work as a failure. Keep up the great work gentlemen!

  12. I’m curious to know what, or unfortunately who, else you could find in that river. I live just outside of Marine City, in Algonac. The town is older than the state itself, and it would be interesting to see what else has happened between there and Lake St. Clair.

    That being said, both Algonac and Marine City, as well as the other neighboring towns, were covered in her missing posters. It’s a county full of small towns and a lot of knowing everyone. I didn’t know the family personally, but I work in a heavily visited location. And people were extremely upset and worried for the family. So thank you for coming in and finding her. I know they searched that river more than once. But sometimes it takes outside help and thank you for bringing her home.

  13. Been following for a year or so now and also have seen the missing posters throughout the area. After watching recovery after recovery that you guys have accomplished I had a good feeling that if AWP was involved that she would found. So happy that the family got the answers that they needed for closure after 4+ months.

  14. You two boys are doing well at the cinematography! Just as Doug says, keep focus NOT on the visuals which can be somewhat grim, but instead on the outcome that you provide from the work that you do. Also take pride in the fact that you are ABLE… there are grown men I have worked with in my career that won't go into the same space as a body. SOMEONE has to do this work, and that you can do it with such beauty and compassion is a REALLY big deal to those you serve. You have seen the effect that someone who has allowed the reality of a job which touches on death in any way to callous and jade them to the point that they are boorish and rude. Work hard to KEEP your heart, but also to Keep your heart safe… Find yourselves a 'pop off valve' Like Jared and Doug have for releasing the stress and emotion in a positive way.
    Laughter is a positive piece of life guys, always utilize it. Much respects to all of you.

  15. GET A SHAVE DUD — And to the team ….good work – but please – stop them comers adds……we did not ask you to be mone mongers – focus on the task or your goals.wht erver that is . Dont forget the past

  16. AWP Team, you guys are amazing for what you do for families. I love this, hearing from all of you, how it affects you, it shows that you are human and treat everyone with respect. I will pray for your protection as you travel and search for the unanswered..
    Thank you for being there for families and each other.
    God Bless

  17. You guys do a phenomenal job rescuing the sleeping beauties (male and female). There’s a lot more out there waiting for you, go get ‘em boys. God bless the poor souls that are waiting for you. ❤️❤️❤️

  18. What happened to the eventful videos? I've been away for a while due to health. And haven't caught up yet but the last few videos seem more like a podcast than anything! I mean I will always ALWAYS appreciate what you and your team does. But id rather watch the actual footage rather than you trying to describe it to us…

  19. You ARE creating documentaries, like Cold Case Files/Missing,yes widely popular to watch BUT, unlike tv shows you’ve brought an AMAZING awareness to a new tool which is not only bringing other dive teams out to help BUT all the law enforcement/search & rescue teams who will partner with those teams who’ll find more loved ones. As far as coping with trauma for the boys, ask them to sit down & just imagine the depths of despair they’d have if a loved one just vanished, then years of not knowing. In that, there comes a time when families accept that their loved one is most likely passed & they just want answers then to bring them home to rest. It’s hard to witness remains, yes, but what’s a million times harder to process is not knowing.

  20. It's so important, that each find be it good, or not . You have a debriefing, And talk about the job and your personal feelings .this is a healing process for each of you.blessings to you all . Gold coast Australia 🇦🇺👍

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