BREAKING NEWS: Margaret “Jan” Shupe Smith Found – Live Stream Update

Today AWP found a Green 2012 Kia Soul driven by 59-year-old Jan Shupe who was last seen April 02, 2021, in Lakeland, Florida.

We began our search yesterday, February 1st, 2022, being assisted by Jeremy Sides from Exploring with Nug, and Brittian Lockhart from Depths of History starting our day at 9:00.

The first location searched was a pond south of Shepherd Road working from license plate reader information keeping Jan close to her home with no success.

We then moved our search north to a few boat ramps around the Southgate Publix Shopping Complex where Jan was last seen shopping on CCTV, leaving behind her wallet and stimulus money.

Moving back south on Florida Ave we searched Chrystal Lake where we found 2 pickup trucks 10′ underwater, 45′ from shore, but they were not our target vehicle in question.

Reporting to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Deputies on-scene shared new clues in the case about Jan being involved in an accident the evening of April 2nd approximately 30 minutes after leaving the Southgate Publix when she was last seen on CCTV video.

Today Adam Brown from Adam Brown Adventures joined our search efforts where we began our morning on the Northside of Mudd Lake off of Hwy 33.

With no success, AWP and the other 3 teams split up to search additional boat ramps in the area with no success.

Working with the last known siting at the accident location of Malcum and Socrum Loop Road, Jared identified a new subdivision to the North with newly dug retention ponds.

Confirming with local homeowners that residence began moving in after July 2021, AWP chose to sonar the pond to the north of Victoria Road.

A vehicle as located in 6 1/2 feet of water, 50′ from shore.

No dive gear was required for Josh Cantu to put on a mask, and freedive the vehicle confirming a 2012 Moss Green Kia Soul with Florida license plate JLQA90.

With a Deputy of the Polk County Sheriff Dive Team already en route at 10:10 AM to return gear leftover at Chrystal Lake from the evening before, the Deputy was the reporting party to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Over the next several hours, additional Polk County Sheriff Dive Deputies, Investigators, Forensics, etc. arrived on the scene, and approximately 1:10 PM, through the efforts of all organizations working together, the vehicle in question was removed, confirming human remains inside.

A full autopsy will need to be conducted before confirmation can be made that Jan has been brought home.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jan’s family during this difficult time.

We will have a full edit of our search and recovery efforts available in the next few weeks.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

We are humbled by the opportunity all of you have given us to help in the search for answers as to what happened to Jan.

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43 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Margaret “Jan” Shupe Smith Found – Live Stream Update

  1. Jan is finally resting in the arms of God all because of these Angels, AWP ,chaos and all the others. It is hard to believe what can can do And they all do it together then they find closure for the family.
    I find this so incredible with these angels can do when they come together to do something not for themselves but for others.
    🙏🏼 there will be so many people coming together all over the world who has watched this program today are now saying prayers that Jan is finally home.
    💕 my condolences to family, friends, and acquaintances that new Jan and to everyone, we must all come to truly believe deep down in your heart to understand and Believe for each of us to that there is a purpose in all our lives a purpose in everything we do and with this purpose it has opened our eyes and our heart to accept what some people can do while this person is alive.
    So while we are all together today love one another be nice to each another and to give and care for one another each and every way each and every day to appreciate in who and what we truly are.
    🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺. R.I.P. 🌺🌺. MARGARET JAN 🌺
    🌺. SHUPE SMITH. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  2. Living in Florida and in this town, I can tell you it's down right scary how murky the water is in most places in Florida. I can't imagine what has been lost in these many waters here in Florida. The weird thing is that I stumbled across these channels about a year before this and kept thinking we may definitely have some cases here in Lakeland. I remember actually praying if there were people in any body of water here that they would be found somehow. I never imagined you guys would show up months later and actually find someone. Thank you again for all you do. 🥺

  3. Could've been a road rage incident. Someone could have ran her into the water like that after the fender bender or did the car malfunction after the fender bender???

  4. I’m from Lakeland and watched this story on the news. So happy to see that you found her! Now the family can get some closure. Thank you for all that you do!

  5. Josh, Carson, Britain, Adam and Jeremy–you are such fine young men and are doing such special work, may each of you be blessed, it is good to see these stories.

  6. Worked for DOJ many years ago, none of the LEO's searched for missing persons in bodies of water unless it was time proximal issue, like a pursuit that ended in a vehicle going into a lake or ocean. Privateers are the only way any of the cold cases will be solved.

  7. I would love to see y'all pick a cold case here in my home town brevard County Florida to work your miracles searching all our local bodies of water and solve one if not more possibly. There are way too many.

  8. I seen a story about a woman being in a very small fender bender and after the police come she leaves. Then she is feeling fine driving down the road her mother was following her thank God. She also had her children in vehicle with her. Her mother notice her start weaving and was trying to get up beside her to see what was happening. Her son was like 5 yr old and he took his seat belt off and pressed the brake with his hands to stop the truck because the woman was completely unconscious. Thank God for her son and that he knew enough at 5 to stop the truck. She had a bad concussion due to that small fender bender. It might of been something like that. She could of been driving got turned around, her brain was foggy and she ended up in the pond. You just really never know. Sad that this happened yet happy they have answers. Prayers and love 🙏 ❤ .

  9. Hi Jared. The last video I saw was the Mystery car. It was snowing and the vechicle was too heavy with silt.
    I can’t tell where or how to find that one.
    Is there a way to identify the newest to the oldest?
    I usually can tell by the title, but I can’t find it.
    Your fan

  10. I think we have entered a new era of private citizens doing what law enforcement doesn't have the time or the budget to do. And that's what was missing. Where law enforcement focuses mostly on solving crimes, you guys can focus on answering questions and personally helping families resolve these missing person cases. It's important that people are found. It's more important than anything else, but it just didn't seem to be getting the attention it needed. As more people begin to get involved, I just think it can only get better. All these people working together. It makes a huge difference.

  11. Being someone who actually drove their car into a lake on accident and being lucky enough to get out safely along with my friends, is something I realized after watching your channel. I forever will have a love for this type of work you guys do now.

  12. I know y’all do this just out of the goodness of your heart… but I truly pray y’all are all blessed abundantly for the good works you do. The closure and peace you bring to so many families is truly beautiful to watch. I pray I never ever need to call on y’all to find my loved ones… but I’m so thankful for the families for what you do for them.

  13. I worry that my husband has Alzheimer's. His sister had it and died (she was very young for what we think of with Alzheimer's). My husband isn't yet 65 but he does REALLY "STUPID" things,. That's how dementia starts, it seems like absent mindedness, or being too tired or stressed or something but when people reflect the signs were things like "stupid" mistakes. I don't want my husband, well I don't want anyone, to drive into a body of water and die in all thw confusion. That's so scary!

  14. You jumped into a random pond in Florida and NOBODY had the sense to say that may not be a good idea?!! Um, AWP needs to invest in some underwater remote controlled video equipment that will do the verification while you stay at the surface.

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