BREAKING NEWS: James Amabile Found After 18-years Underwater – Live Stream Update

3/19/22 We began our case investigation into James Amabile’s case meeting with family, listening as they lay out all of the circumstances leading up to Mr. Amabile’s disappearance 18-years earlier.

We were able to ascertain that Mr. Amabile left his residence in the late afternoon of 12/4/2003 after oversleeping and rushing out to pick up his 2 daughters (ages 5 & 8) from the babysitter.

Mr. Amabile called the babysitter stating that he would be there within 5 minutes.

Mr. Amabile never arrived and was never seen again.

After searching several waterways our investigation took us to Stingers waterfront where 18 years later we were able to utilize technology not available at the time of his disappearance, to uncover a submerged vehicle in Darby creek 200 yards away, 24 feet beneath the surface.

Ridley township police department was notified immediately and through a joint effort together, we were able to identify and recover human remains from the vehicle.

The cooperation of Ridley Township PD was critical in the success of this recovery every step of the way and we tip our hat to their professionalism and their trust in our experience to conduct this forensics recovery.

At this moment we want to take a moment to express our sympathies to the entire Amabile family as they navigate this tragic outcome to a nightmare that has lasted 18 years.

We are honored to be in this position to help families and it is because of you, our supporters, that this is possible.

We encourage each and every one of you to take the time today to hug your loved ones a little tighter and cherish the moments you have.

A complete episode of this case will be released in a few weeks as well as our podcast investigation episode.

While a full autopsy still needs to be conducted before confirmation can be made that James has been brought home, the family is confident James has been found and is coming home answering the question this family has desperately needed.

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47 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: James Amabile Found After 18-years Underwater – Live Stream Update

  1. Great work team! Lots of questions in live chat so addressing some here. An edited video of this SOLVED case will be out in a few weeks. Jared and I are home with our families, it is his daughters birthday and my wife’s birthday this week. Jared and I will be working together on some projects like the podcast, and some window breaker content. Doug is in lead with Carson and my good friend Dillon on cameras! Super proud of their work so far on this SPRING trip! Lots of BTS editing going on on my end and i am also working on a backup hard drive with some bts clips for Jacob with Chaos Divers. Super bummed at his break in. Comment on my most recent community post if you have any more questions for me. -Josh

  2. What I don't understand when I watch the video of adventures with a purpose and see how close the vehicle is to the pole that holds the dock I don't understand how they could have messed it. Somehow I have the feeling they know it was there and figured that no one's ever going to come look for it now because of the docks being there. When I see stuff like this it's all about the money 😭😢☹️😡👍

  3. I had a few friends watch the three episodes with Doug and getting that car out with the pole stuck in it and they seem to agree with me they need to make a movie of this great job adventures with purpose

  4. My brother was killed in a car accident and my brother was not wearing a seatbelt in hs best friend fell asleep behind the wheel my brother was throwing 50 yards up behind the tree so I always try to tell people to wear their seatbelts my brother died on impact he died of a brain hemorrhage and I always stress how important it is to wear a seatbelt I always wear my seatbelt because of what happened to my brother before that I did not wear seatbelt but now I do and couldn't feel this my mother so people if you are listening or if you read my message please wear your seatbelt summer's coming up Don't let what happened to my brother happened to you because it can't happen and it all take is one time and you can die from a car accident like what happened to my brother I lost my brother and he was my best friend

  5. Thank you guys for what you are doing thank you to the police department for what you're doing I have watched your videos you guys do a marvelous job bringing people some answers I have lost to my uncle's they have been missing don't know where they are they were in the military they served world war I we don't they have been missing for my family for longest time they last known address they were in Maryland my family has been searching for them for a long time for years it's like they dropped off the face of the Earth.

  6. Untied to diabetic so I know about the sleep deprivation because I have it sometimes I wake up in the morning and I feel like I have to go back to sleep every wake up so I will call back in the bed after using the bathroom and drift off a little bit to wake up again so I know how it is and I also have sleep apnea which is also double the trouble with asthma so I know how it is to have sleep deprivation and when I do wake up I always make sure that I get a cup of coffee because it helps wake me up I also put cold water over my face which is help me wake my eyes up so if you have these problems people do that because it will wake you up don't venture out give yourself an hour or two before you bend your house sometimes 3 hours because this can't create a problem if you have these issues I know what it's like to have these issues and it's nothing to play around with my mom has the same issue and we always wait till the middle of the day to venture out we never out in the morning if you take a road trip give yourself a few minutes to get yourself woken up go stop at a restaurant close by motel get yourself a cup of coffee and some breakfast and wake up first don't let you out just yet on the highway you got to give yourself a few minutes or an hour because these things can't get you killed my mom almost fell asleep behind the wheel once on our vacation and I made her pull off the side of the road and get some rest because she almost drove off the road these things can happen when you have these health issues so always be careful if you feel like you're going to fall asleep pull off the road near the nearest rest stop or the nearest gas station people will not say nothing it's better to be safe than sorry if you wake up in the morning and you still feel tired called back to bed give yourself a minute let yourself drift off a little bit and we wake back up again then go put some water over your face get some coffee sit in your chair for a little while let yourself wake up don't venture out until you know you're fully awake because the healthiest you can leave yourself to go back to sleep again and the next thing you do it you can wind up in the pond or river or lake debt you don't want to wind up like this guy

  7. I'm sorry, I did not get anything from the Profiling Evil think with Mike on this case other than speculation. I really don't want to spend time on that.

  8. How bout “Podcasts with Purpose.” Kind of keep the media linked together so to speak.
    You all are superheroes and great examples for young folks to look up to and learn from. These kinds of skills need to be passed on to future generations. 🫶🏻👌🏻👍🏻💖

  9. Doug great job. You guys are honestly I believe are truly blessed. Thank you guys for helping this family and there friends. Prayers for all. May you guys always be blessed.. love watching you . You all have truly touched so many life's including this small town girl.

  10. What a difference your caring and compassion makes! Jimmy's family has spent nearly 20 years wondering what happened before they were lucky enough to have your help. So heartbreaking to find the answer, but a such a huge relief for them to have found closure at last. HUGS to you and everyone on your team.
    We really need people like you in Ontario, Canada – So many missing people who have disappeared with their cars

  11. I am a new fan and I highly respect what you are doing and I have told all my friends about you and we are just honored to be able to be apart of exactly what you do to give people piece of mind thank you may God keep you safe love to you all

  12. Doug, you’re great at this you’re wonderful at this. But it was really hard to hear you when the other diver from New York was talking at the same time. I’m just saying it was really hard to hear you. I love you guys you do fantastic work. Be safe.

  13. God bless all of you good men and women that were instrumental in this case! God be with Jimmy's Family. Feel so sad for those beautiful girls of his. But at least they can move on with their lives by laying their father to rest. Diabetes is a horrible horrible disease. I for one have gone into many a fast seizure within a minute. I've had to ask someone next to me as I was shaking violently and felt myself getting faintly to open the candy wrapper for me. I was lucky each time my sugar dropped so fast that I thought on my feet and yelled for help. Now I carry candy with me in every pocket I can find on my body everywhere I go. Even swimming I have two Candy's laying on my towel. How fast your blood sugar can drop even if it read beautiful an hour earlier. Wanted to say this for other people to realize that this is not a fun disease it can turn on a dime even when it's controlled.

  14. 10 minutes in and never said anything about the two guys on the team so 🤷 I say thank you guys. Thank everyone who has been able to do this and help families that need answers. Thousands if not millions of people really appreciate what you all has been able to do and come together as a team around the world.

  15. You Guys are Angels… I'm so sorry that my finances are so messed up that at this moment I can't contribute to your organization. I totally appreciate what you guys do. It's so fantastic What You Do for These Families. You place yourselves in Danger….Yet You Do Everything for the Families. You are in my Prayers…Cold Cases are so Hard to Solve… yet You Do all You Can you Make that Happen…Please Stay Safe..from the Camera guy.. Whose amazing with his Camera skills to helping you guys in every way. Prayers to your Loved ones for supporting you in your Efforts. Good Luck in the Future.

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