BREAKING NEWS: Charles Fluharty Found – Live Steam Update

AWP began their search on September 28th for Missing Person Charles Fluharty, an amputee, who was last seen in October 2014 in East Liverpool, Ohio, assisted by the original Detective on the case 7-years prior, Greg Smith, along with the aide of Jacob Grubbs, aka; Chaos Divers (


After spending the day finding and diving on 9 vehicles along with 1 boat, it was late in the afternoon when we received a new piece of information about a nearby lake Charles liked to visit as a youth, and later, go to visit to think about life.

This lake kept us in the area an extra day outside of our planned schedule on our 2021 Fall Road Trip.

After failing to find Charles the following day, AWP and Chaos Divers continued our search for other missing persons on our Fall Trip.

Jacob made plans to return to East Liverpool to do an environmental cleanup in pulling a Cadillac found a few days previously with the aide of new contacts in the area including Det. Greg Smith.

Upon Chaos Divers return, the Detective had time to consider other locations thinking outside the box in way of possible underwater locations closer to Charles’s original hometown.

Jacob, Lindsey, and Eric found multiple vehicles in the area and later identified Charles’s missing vehicle on October 5th.

It was not yet known if any human remains were inside for the vehicle was upside down.

The next day, working with the Sheriff and Local Law Enforcement, Jacob’s team recovered Charles’s vehicle and identified that the human remains of an amputee were inside the vehicle.

While we cannot 100% say that the human remains inside are Charles until the coroner completes their report, we are confident in saying, Charles Fluharty has been found and recovered.

Huge Thanks to Joshua Hammon for bringing this case to our attention and putting us in touch with Detective Greg Smith.

Without all of you supporting AWP, this movement to travel the US working missing person cold cases would have never been possible.

The love and support you’ve shown not just AWP, but others like Jacob Grubbs and his dedication to helping families find the answers they’ve been seeking for so long is truly humbling for all of us.

If you have not yet subscribed to Jacob’s Youtube Channel, please do so now and support him.

Our thoughts and prays go out to Charles’s family during this difficult time.

We will have a full edit of our search and recovery efforts available in the next few months after we’re back from our fall road trip.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

We are humbled by the opportunity all of you have given us to help in the search for answers as to what happened to Charles.

The AWP Movement would not be possible without your support, helping us travel the US offering our services for FREE to families searching for their lost loved ones… Thank you!

Many have been left to question how Adventures With Purpose receives its funding, who benefits, and how are the funds spent?

We answer those questions here… ➤

Because of your amazing support: 12 Missing Person Cold Cases Have Been Solved since 2019, bringing resolution and answers to families looking for their lost loved ones.

Without you being here as part of the AWP Family, we’d never be in this position to have this opportunity to travel the US, working these Cold Cases of Missing Persons, doing everything we can to help bring them home to their families.

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38 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Charles Fluharty Found – Live Steam Update

  1. Yes thank you Jared your f awsome for what you have done and keep doing and don't stop team and all involved and to me it's bringing piece and mind to familys and loved ones respect all

  2. You all are so brave. I can't imagine how you guys do this without having some fear. First of all some of the conditions that you set your little rafts into and then dive into those conditions. Then going in blindly to see if there is remains. Maybe the will to help families and the adrenaline keeps you going. Y'all are helping so many and I'm proud to say I've been a follower for a few years now. Keep up the great work and don't forget to take care of yourselves.

  3. I’ve been binge watching the recovery videos from the beginning. Unfortunately, this one was cringe and showed a side I didn’t care for. This particular video was all about trying to re-assign “credit”. Don’t lose site if the “purpose”. This was bigger than hoping to put a 12th solved case in another guys stats column. Thank you Jacob for the perseverance and bringing this man home. Thank you AWP for all that you’ve done too. If “credit” is currency, there is plenty to go around. What’s important is that this man is no longer at the bottom of the river.

  4. Thanks AWP for doing the follow up. I prefer AWP’s narration to that of Chaos’. I wish Jacob would just narrate. But it really doesn’t matter. Like Jacob said, “We got the job done.” GGs.

  5. The equipment used answers those questions people have of why didn't the cops find this right away. Knowledge using that equipment is upmost the most important to. Using it every day compared to once or twice a year makes all the difference. Enjoy these videos and keep it up.

  6. This is how I see it. 😆😉 No matter whose channel I go to Jared is there helping or running the show, so maybe y’all should all be one team. Pay commiserate with experience contribution. 🤭 I know, it’s complicated.

  7. l don't think it matters who started the movement u guys ate all doing an amazing job and helping bring loved ones closure to finding there missing loved and bringing them home l love watch your show ❤

  8. So glad I chose to search to find what I missed for this case. Thank you for all that you all do, for everyone, as well as us veterans (Army 3 1/4 years). It is terrible to know that veteran suicide is rising, not solely because there are more and more people in the world that have been in the military.

  9. It doesn’t matter who found this loved one you all are a team together,All that matters this man was found and all of you are safe.All of you are Angels in disguise sent from above,Many blessings and prayers.Much Love 🦋

  10. Either share joint custody of this cases completion or let the new guys take it as their find. Yes you helped laid the groundwork for this case but in the end they carried it to the finish line.

  11. COLLABORATION is the word. Even though you were not there when the discovery was made, you were involved for two days eliminating possible areas which narrowed down the search area to where the recovery eventually was done. Also, your commitment and dedication started this movement and commitment from other divers to get involved, so AWP will always be influential with whatever happens, so COLLABORATION would be the correct word to use when reporting. I am a petrolhead and mainly watch car things on land and don't easily subscribe… what you and your guys (including all your Collaborators) do is very selfless and noble. The only other channel I subscribe to is recovery on land, Mike's offroad recovery helping people in awkward situation, going where sometimes no one else dares to go. You guys are on a different level, going where police divers already have gone and you finding cars where nothing previously has been found. So I am hooked and subscribed and can't wait for more episodes. Watching your episodes is more fulfilling and rewarding AND emotional AND humbling. It is good to know that there are still good people in this crazy world of turmoil and strife. Keep up the good work you guys and stay safe! Cheers, Salute and Respect from New Zealand – Ralph

  12. Charles was from a town near my hometown. I never saw this on the news and the only article I did find, didnt even mention that you guys did this and have a network where people can help you too. I'm glad you guys care enough to do this. You deserved more exposure on this case. God bless all of you for what you do.

  13. I know you guys are all committed to helping the families, but it must be very difficult for you when you see the remains. Its great to see you all working together on such difficult searches & helping the families get their loved ones home.

  14. Oh wow Jared really your worried about whose gonna claim the find on who found this guy if it was you or chaos divers just wow do you like the person you've become

  15. AWP editors? You all need to figure out a way of working "the story of how AWP got started" into picture form at the beginning of your segments (so it doesn't need to be explained each episode!)

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