23 thoughts on “You’re Getting A Ticket Because Your Friend Asserted His Rights

  1. Tyrants Telling a FREE American IF U don't Go along with the Program then threaten Tickets for the driver-BS!!! These Nazi thugs need to KICK ROCKS. Police Reform in America is a MUST. The CORRUPTION in LE is REAL. When Cops say they got a report then tell them U will Foil that 911 call & Body & dash cam records. That is Public Info. Boot lickers would take the Tyrants side. Good Job Guys.

  2. Some or even maybe most Law Enforcement in this country has some how for some reason got it in they're minds that an arrest needs to be they're ultimate resolve when when coming into contact with the citizens that they work for. Everyone always wants to bring up race ( which is undeniably a problem in America ) but nobody wants to ever bring up quotas when talking about law enforcement reform. Heads of Law Enforcement & other leaders in this country say that there are no quotas or incentives for officers making arrests or giving tickets but If that's true then how do we explain the day to day aggressive tactics used in order for officers to make arrests. Sometimes these tactics escalate problems when coming into contact with citizens and the escalation seems to be driven by pursuing the the ultimate goal of the stop or call, which is making an arrest. People of all color deal with having they're rights violated by law enforcement. People who are visually suspected to be in the lower spectrum end of the financial class in our society are the main targets though in my opinion when it comes to law enforcement going out of they're way to make arrests.

  3. They do this in Australia and it's been getting worse over the last few years. They attempted to ID me just walking down the street.

  4. You know what would hurt the road pirates revenue extortion scheme? Having speed governors installed on new cars that track your speed and the speed limit of the streets and roads via GPS.

  5. I hope the young man can get Institute for Justice to help him out. Being pulled out of the car is just an intimidation tactic.

  6. Great 👍 job I remember 6 years ago how cops got away with there corporate politics in the last 6 years I’ve seen a Big change in the action of the workers ha ha ha hi 👋

  7. Dude I've been there…given bogus tickets because I had a clean record.
    The one cop told his buddy cop his record not clean anymore and laughed about it.

  8. Their never going to stop they know they are in the wrong sueing them don't mean shit to them with qualified inmmuitey keep them from a civil suit they must be strip of it premitly

  9. Just go with the program🤔🤔🤔um what program,, this as you see fit as you make it up as you go along,, um arnt we supposed to go with the law of the land,🤔🤔🤔 not the "program"?? What exactly is the "program" 🤔 can one show me that I'm the law books,🤔🤔like any were,, like even a hint of that type of wording 🤔🤔 any one ,, please stand up😎😎😎😎👍

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