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The $9 Billion a year business thats more of an extortion racket.

Local governments collected $9 billion in fines and fees in 2020

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49 thoughts on “Why Was His Case REALLY Dismissed?”
  1. That's your opinion why she dropped everything. In reality she has no legal justification to impose fines upon him nor does she have jurisdiction. You do some good work james but now your Schilling for who?

  2. And then there is this…the criminal investment program is when
    the Clerk of Courts, collects all the
    fees, fines and charges. He takes that and
    invest it through the criminal registry
    investment system. Now, the criminal
    registry investment system, takes all
    those charges goes to the very accounts
    that they're denying , and they get paid….
    now, once they get paid, they are funneled
    to JPMorgan which creates Treasury bonds
    for profit….. the implications of that are
    profound…… number one, it means the court
    is engaged in commerce, and commerce, is/was
    governed by the Bible of Commerce which
    is the UCC code….. number two, it means and
    the entire US court system works this
    way number two
    it means the court is not a neutral
    party they represent the bank and the
    bank cannot make judgment upon herself
    so the the court has no jurisdiction to
    make any judgment in this case
    now those UCC filings from the one
    people's public trust become extremely
    important because this goes through the
    entire judiciary system okay it's that
    they are running a private money system
    and a debt slavery system through the
    prisons and these are these are the
    things that a lot of people don't understand

  3. Nobody cares about those sovereign citizen/free man of the land nonsense arguments. Because they are proven wrong by any REAL legal expert in that field (hey "legal scholar" Chille DeCastro, you are not meant). You could just babble some stuff that kind of sounds annoying like a sovereign citizen but without fully going down the rabbit hole of immersing yourself in this alternate reality. The "I am not Michael Smith I am the free man Michael of the Smith family" guys think they are clever, but they are just annoying. But it is worth a try to be annoying. In case you actually face a judge who does not care about the money side of the business, you will however be doomed.

  4. Man does not make Law. Water freezing, gravity, Water runs down hill, 9 months gestation, etc are the Creator's Law, not man's. Men describe creation, calling it Law.
    Men make Statutes and call them Law because the BAR Mafia are SATANISTS usurping the Creator.
    James you have succeeded in destroying my opinion of you.

  5. I don't mind "sovereign citizens." The state has used minutia of the law to screw the citizens, but now they are using obscure shit from wherever to try and justify why they broke the law, but is okay.
    Anything to cause headaches for the Bolsheviks is okay by me.

  6. James, while I agree there is no Silver Bullet, the only one suggesting Silver Bullet or Sovereign Citizen is you. The Sovereign Citizens are the ones with IMMUNITY.
    The reason Judges drop cases where people bring up Common Law v. Admiralty Law, is because the Judge does not want to make an evidence trail on the Court Record.
    The corruption is protected by SECRECY, when their cover is blown they will have to invent a new SCHEME.
    Law is not complicated for Justice, it is complicated for corruption.

  7. Look into an Abstell. It a document signed by a secretary of any state. It's a legal matter where you remove the capitalization of your government name. It removes you from the social security system.

  8. I agree that the roads need to have some regulation to stop people from driving irresponsibly, but they have begun to use municiples to simply steal more funds from the public.

  9. JFC these people really believe their crap "works." Being annoying DOES sometimes work. You are right on James FREEMAN.

    "…yeah, but maritime law, capitalized names, corporations, English language detailed books…" Nope, the government does not think the folks are right. They are getting annoying people out of the way… critical thinking would help a person understand this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItWsngBgI1k&t=19s

  10. Makes sense. It seems it's universal among most government employees to just follow mostly their policies and interests rather than the law and interest of the public.

  11. This was wild. All I could really gather is that someone named Ryan Michael Thor received a bunch of traffic tickets and this guy is claiming he’s not the guy?? He’s trying to figure out whether or not he’s being charged criminally or civilly? Is this some sort of sovereign citizen defense or???

  12. You're exactly right as to why this judge dismissed it. She had every legal right to extract funds from this citizen. But, the moron who tried to use the Sovereign Citizen garbage to "win", didn't really win anything. His entire argument is specious and has NEVER won a single case on the merits. There is zero legal foundation to the Sov-Cit script. It's just for fools who buy into the garbage posted on scam websites.

  13. The few times these people get let go with the charges dropped is because the courts are far to busy dragging the sheep through the system. To waste time on a single person, when they could easily find a slew of victims guilty and collect a fortune in the time wasted on this one man.

  14. Youre absolutely right. Time is money, and they're going to loose money on this annoying individual. Its not his legal argument, thats why she tried to keep his bail by calling it fees

  15. Courts and government have made jails a revenue stream , as long as Taxpayers are paying for the corporation that is jail system , at issue is double Dipping by government profiting from the law system they built around their Carriers.. corruption.

  16. I’ve seen this episode before. 😶

    The “judge” wanted to push him till the end so no one else could hear what he said.
    Anyone can do this, you just have to be aware what “jurisdiction” is and what the law says. Easy peasy.

    Or, you could just sign across the ticket “no contract” or “I do not contract” and send that thing in within 72 hours and you’re done.

  17. Definitely it's a business. And if you stop them from stealing our money by arguing with them. When they expect you to say either I'm guilty or no contest and heres the money from my kids mouth

  18. The funny thing about sov cits is that they believe laws do not apply to them and yet when they get in trouble, suddenly they have rights under the Constitution…except that they do not even believe the US exists! They want all the protections and none of the responsibilities.
    But using these arguments to get your case tossed is pretty cool. I agree with James as to why this dude won. I also agree that EVERYONE should demand a jury trial!😂😂😂

  19. James, 100%. From studying the law for the past 4 years and seeing one guy after the next after the next, looking for that silver bullet… those few magic words, those few magic documents, so the whole thing comes to a grinding halt and it'll be easy and they'll win. It doesn't work like that. From somebody that got 3 criminal charges dismissed and 2 warrants recalled – without an attorney, it takes grit, it takes time, and it takes an unyielding determination that you are willing to do what it takes to be free.

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