15 thoughts on “Why do Daytona beach cops hate people so much?

  1. soooooo the reason they want I D is to make $ off the strawman account think all crimes have a $value so yeah check it out eff around n find out why dont cha?

  2. Because they are brainwashed order followers who've been empowered from the top down. Only when the people realize how many more of us there are than them will the fun begin and peace reclaimed. As long as people cling to the false notion that voting can fix evil, we will continue the slide into the abyss. Liberty or death.

  3. Contempt of cop is well deserved – when a flood of viral videos exposes systemic police misconduct such as this! Cops have been recorded committing heinous crimes … like tying defenseless women to railroad tracks, shooting sleeping kids in thier beds, assaulting blind veterans for walking back from jury duty, and repeatedly beating handcuffed compliant detainees who've committed no crimes.

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