Why aren’t they taking this serious?

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46 thoughts on “Why aren’t they taking this serious?

  1. Sounded to me that he had respect for the situation but was trying to work with what he has. He had a realistic attitude. He didn't have unnecessary fear or buy into the hysteria. He was also correct with his simile about the doctor. You had a good point about the uniform but you don't know if he showers and changes at work either. I would like to hear what he has to say about your uniform question.

  2. The only people who can help ANYONE with a mask is the person who is sick.
    Putting on a mask to avoid the so-called virus (as if.. and virii are not contagious).. is dumb, and it is not reasonable. These coppers should read Science-Medical blogs. ONLY people with the virus need a mask. Nobody else.
    And if you don't feel sick, you do not have, "carona", and this is a whole heckuvalot of #caroneybaloney.

  3. WHy? Why not?
    Cuz it's a SCAM.
    Go look at the hospitals and clinics and free-standing e.r.s. VACANT.
    I live less than a block (as the crow flies) from TWO bit hospitals, and I am used to hearing life-flight, so often… and yes, no copters have taken off or landed in WEEKS. Now, if the thing is that desperate and people are SOOO sick, they are dying, who no life-flight flights? WTF>
    It is a SCAM
    It is Caroney-Baloney/ #CaronaBologna.

  4. Laura are you in the payroll ?? Well do you feel lucky Laura lol did you sell out Laura , are you fbi or cia lol bunny you sold out Laura . If I’m wrong Laura I will apologise I promise , very humbly until then !!

  5. Where are you Laura ?????!!!! Bowing down !!!????? Please don’t be a bunny , hopity hop Laura , hospital go film it .

  6. Because so many are lazy and don't want to do their jobs and paperwork. I've been physically attacked 2 times since January. Cops get called and don't do anything. One even told me he wasn't doing anything because when I got hit in the eye I leaned away and it didn't leave a mark on me

  7. He sorta made it seem like the cops have to buy their own persona protective gear. He also insinuated that he doesn’t want to have to pay for it. I imagine that’s why they aren’t wearing it, because it’s expensive…? I wonder why they city/county isn’t providing this gear for them and making it mandatory. So stupid.

  8. Its a scam to get the bankers to buy up all the foreclosed business.Trump is owned by the rothschild family of bankers.They bailed trump out two decades ago.

  9. All you people in here claiming "scamdemic", "fake", or other conspiracy…
    Take your tin foil hats off for a second and answer a couple of questions for me.
    Why "fake" it?
    What's the end game?
    Where's your evidence?

  10. Do what needs done as if your life depends on it, because it does.
    Every time you open your doors, you could be exposing yourself/loved ones to either wave or both, of the binary. Can only pray a cure is developed before the final virus starts sweeping the country/globe. That will be as Bob Seger sang, The Famous Final Scene.

  11. The word 'pandemic' means everybody is ill. Currently, we're suffering through a horrible 'nondemic'!
    Oh the humanity!!

  12. Lol The cop compares himsrlf to a foctor- good chouce- conventional medicine is the 3rd leading cause of death in united States.

    Peoplevreally NEED to learn more about how a VIRUS works- we Shouldn't " Respect" a LIE AND MANIPULATION.

  13. And all the bootlickers comply- the virus is meant to be used as an excuse to run over our rights. The virus is rediculous! LIE i hope people aren't falling for this!!

  14. The government knows the truth. And this is a virus, not a germ. People should research viruses, it would reveal the truth to them as well. This is why the police and fire are not worried.

  15. 45 LAPD cops have it now… The majority are in the Central Division Downtown…
    That's what they said on the News tonight 3/4/2020

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