44 thoughts on “Which Cop Gets Qualified Immunity On This One

  1. James Freeman I love your channel I love what you do. And I can honestly say I have effing seen it all now. I mean absolutely unreal. But oddly enough I don't feel shocked or surprised. I think that the police operated under such a cloak of secrecy for so long that they hid things like this very well. But now that there are more and more cameras and people watching it seems like the real story is coming to light. Man I want to know how this ends up.

  2. Police think that they are gods and must be obeyed. Police think that they are above the law. They are never held accountable for their actions.
    Cops are just like priests. They break the law and NOTHING happens to them. The PD covers it up or the officer goes to another PD.

  3. They investigated themselves and found that only legal, department authorized holds and techniques were used and all force was justified for the purpose of protecting officer safety. Either that or one of them will say they touched fentanyl and experienced drug induced psychosis.

  4. After a 6 month review, IA will determine that nothing criminal happened except someone violated the cops right to privacy. Criminal charges for the one holding the phone.

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