Where Can A Hard Working Cop Get A Good “Sketchy” Massage

Full Internal Affairs Interview

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38 thoughts on “Where Can A Hard Working Cop Get A Good “Sketchy” Massage

  1. The woman said something that made me think. When she realized they were talking about sex work, she said "Oh, so you're one of…." then she paused, like she was thinking about what she was going to say, then said something like "I know that for some people, this is normal for them". It made me wonder, was she going to say "oh so you're one of THOSE people"? And if so, it made me wonder how often do people call or come into the store she works at asking if they do "happy endings". Is it so often that they've become a group of "those people", and she just realized the cop was one of them? Damn!

  2. When someone says over and over again "honestly", "Truthfully", "To be honest" or anything of that nature they are LYING OUT THEIR ASSES! This guy says these words and phrases about every other sentence.

  3. Can yall even believe the absolute horse shit explanations and reasons he gave for his actions durring the disposition questions he was asked? Even the man asking the questions couldn't believe the answers he was getting lmfao

  4. He should have to explain what happened without knowing there is a recording. Then compare his explanation to the recording. If he knows he was recorded before explaining he can try and weasel his way out of it.

  5. This man is dangerous as hell. I can only imagine how many unwilling women he's violated and well for lack of a better term molested/raped. He even took his mic off before hand which in my opinion just further cements where I stand with my statement. The way this man interacted with and conducted himself durring this interaction was incredibly innapropriate and blatant sexual harassment. This poor lady was probably so nervous and uncomfortable. For the love of God ladies if you ever have an interaction even remotely similar to this request a supervisor and no matter what record every interaction with police, start recording before they even approach you and make sure you get every second of your interaction. This video is actually sickening and it's actually so obvious what he's trying to persuade this woman to do, then you get to the point where he's being interviewed over the interaction and has the audacity to say "I was just asking her if there's a discount for police when I asked if there's an officer special" which is such an outright obvious lie it's actually insane. Police are so out of control these days it's getting to the point where they're nothing more than violent, manipulative, egotistical, narcissistic, dangerous, coercive, untouchable thugs who think they can do whatever they want without any fear of actual discipline.

  6. Hey dummy. Your caught. People are not stupid. They can see and hear EXACTLY what happened and we arnt as stupid as you THINK WE ARE.

  7. This pair should get some kind of comedy award. And this woman is a gem. She played him like a sucker and he bit like a fool. His boss has the perfect voice and way of taking him over the coals. Timmy's the proverbial kid denying he took the cake with icing all over his face. This clip, although troubling is hilarious.

  8. I sure as heck hope this guy was fired without pension that’s greasy he shouldn’t have ever been able to have the authority of a police man

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