28 thoughts on “What would YOU do if DCF shows up at your house? She sends them PACKING! Acura Amanda

  1. It's not about this man who can't take care of himself checking on how parents care for their children, it's about governments wanting to separate children from their parents. You've got ask 'why?'
    What happens to these kids?
    Where do they go?
    Do patents get them back?
    How many kids 'go missing' from government care?
    How many kids are abused in government care?
    Are all the missing kids classified as runaways?
    What happens when they reach 18/21, are they kicked out and made homeless?
    How many illegal removals and adoptions happen and the paperwork 'gets lost' so no one knows where this kid is?
    There are lots more questions but you KNOW someone somewhere is getting rich from these kids, follow the $$$$$$$$.

  2. Push back is something they just can't tolerate from free thinking citizens. Really sad she has to bear the brunt of a tyranical system that will go to any length to stop her from exercising her rights.

  3. Shame on her. If it's retaliation then it's horrible to go after her kids, but accurate or not, this guy received a complaint and it's his job to investigate. Too much horrible shit happens to kids for this agency to not exist. She doesn't have to cooperate but her reaction of following him was cringe.

  4. I had cps in Seattle show up I literally told them to fuck off and go call the police. They did and I told them to go get fucked too. Do your investigation and then either charge me with a crime or leave me the fuck alone..F.T.P and cps you cowards love soft targets. Your too cowardly to go after the real dangerous people!!!

  5. He's not even legally parked…parked far away from her house, which is suspicious itself.
    On top of everything else, this just makes it even more obvious that it's retaliation.

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