What Happens in Vegas – Metro puts on big show for 8 camera men

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Las Vegas Free Press

Las Vegas Auditor

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42 thoughts on “What Happens in Vegas – Metro puts on big show for 8 camera men

  1. James Freeman AND High Desert in the same video?! What? You guys are two of my three favorite auditors (BIG NICK is my other favorite) and I only subscribe to you three. I would love to see you and High Desert do some audits together! Or how about an audit or two with all three of you guys together? That would be awesome!

  2. James and High desert , 2 of my favorite auditors togheter , the Elite , Alpha team members ! i would pick both of you anytime for ´special ops ´ you guys got some balls of steel , you guys don t back down , you guys are crazy and we love it 👍👍👍

  3. Point out to them that they really need better training if they cannot perform their duties safely with the original officer and 1 officer backing them up. If 1 armed officer can't handle 1 SUSPECTED violent criminal they need better training. 1 officer, as a backup, is an acceptable precaution. It's not like they are facing a hostile mob. Anything more then the original officer and 1 officer as a backup for each civilian they are engaged with is excessive if they are properly trained. This is proof that the police habitually OVER REACT to normal, frequently encountered situations, which is proof they are unfit to be police officers since over reacting is proof they lack good, rational judgement.

  4. Whenever you interact with a female cop, especially in Vegas, the 1st thing to ask them, even before asking their name and badge number, is if they are a stripper. Point out, if they are, there is nothing wrong with that. Then, when she says she's not, point out it's a natural assumption. She will wonder what that means, she can't help thinking about it, it's human nature. That should scramble their normal line of thinking and behavior a bit, forcing them to mentally reorganize their train of thought to recover their original line of thought. Throughout the rest of the stop the question and your REAL intention for asking it will be bouncing around in the back of her mind, it's impossible for it not to. Then, before she can recover, ask her if her gun is loaded. Tell her you are concerned for your safety. This will mess with her mind and normal routine even more.

  5. So what if the owner of that gas station comes out and tells the cops to get off their property? Do those owners pay the cops to patrol their lot?

  6. Boring video . Dont film like this , your videos is ok but 14min silence w no duscosioun is realy boring waste of time. Im gone only because of theese kind of videos. Realy sad m8t. But keep up the good work u make the comunity better.

  7. O wow this is one I missed I'm so glad I came across this gem. James it truly made me laugh out loud and feel warm and delicious on the inside at the point you you started slapping him with his own hand whilst shouting "hey stop hitting yourself" (metaphorically) wonderfully horrifying/sad.

  8. Damn usually Las Vegas police officers are chill and not douchebags remember I said most lol I go to Vegas every yr and have gone every yr since I was 18 anyways they are usually pretty chill due to them dealing with tourist all the time and they don't really want to ruin your vacation and take you in just because your a little to drunk but just being loud and not causing problems they will escort you to a taxi or Uber an have it take you to your hotel or if you aren't far they will walk you to your room.

    I passed out on the steps in front of the MGM hotel and casino and I passed out drunk the cops came and the one cop she woke me up and she asked me where I was from and where I was staying at and so I showed her my hotel key card and my license and she walked me back to my hotel room as I wasn't far cause I was staying at the MGM.

    I Kno this video is a yr old but I have recently got back into watching police auditors and first amendment auditors and I came across this one tonight.

  9. What a great use of resources and tax payer dollars to try to intimidate citizens with cameras. Hard to violate citizens rights when you have 15 cameras on you.

  10. High desert + freeman… no wonder they didn’t say anything stupid (for the most part) the cops knew they wouldn’t stand a chance against these two!!!
    Lol, 30 auditors watching… awesome, using their own tactics in them!! 1000000000000 thumbs up

  11. Safety in numbers. I am so happy people are starting to see the truth about what's really going on. They are high tailing it out of there. I have so much respect and love for you guys. I bet they will be talking at the morning meetings at the police station how many people were at that traffic stop. LMAO. Let freedom ring.

  12. what I think is it's amazing that you and Phillip Hernandez high desert are standing side-by-side you are the two of the best cop watchers Ive seen and I cannot believe the two of you are standing next to each other right now it's amazing because I love how the two of you come together and put the cops in their place two thumbs up to both of you.

  13. why are tax payers paying for five cars going to one traffic stop. it is because the tax payers have to pay
    for twice as many high price officers that are not needed and have nothing to do anyway.and it is ok for
    officers to lie.

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