We Know You Aren’t The Suspect, But We Want To Search Anyways

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Billings Police Department
Address: 220 N 27th St, Billings, MT 59101
Phone: (406) 657-8200

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James Freeman does first amendment audits, cop watching, cop blocking, and more. Since Live PD and Cops was cancelled, James Freeman does LIVE STREAMING COP WATCHES. It’s like Live PD, except actually live, and without the “cops can do no wrong” bias.

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47 thoughts on “We Know You Aren’t The Suspect, But We Want To Search Anyways

  1. Typical law enforcement. Acting on 2nd hand information, violating due process.
    Threats of violence is normal behavior.
    Best thing to do is have a dead man switch on your property. Someone tries to take it without permission, It goes boom. Nobody gets it.

  2. I can't stand it when someone is standing up for their rights and one of their ppl are in the background telling them to stop. Those ppl need to SHUT. THE. MUTHAFVCK. UP!!

  3. The dodge nitro is a rebadged jeep. You keep freaking out about it not being a jeep but it is prudent to check out all the vehicles that might fit the bill. you wouldn't rule out all the ford LTDs if you were told the vehicle was a crown victoria. even though they are the same car.
    Just because a cop tells you he doesn't think you are the one he's looking for doesn't mean he doesn't want to throw you in jail. remember they can lie to you legally.

  4. I agree with the point made here, however it should be understood that many times someone says “jeep” they very possibly mean “SUV” doesn’t excuse the cop for claiming they were told that it was a Dodge Nitro.

  5. All to often Police harrass people who they think they can bully, even though these citizens have nothing to do with the crime they are investigating. That's called predator behavior. These officers are extremely dangerous to the public. These officers use the ruse, we just what to be sure everyone is safe. B.S.

  6. James with all due respect they said they are 95% sure that the have the right info; a black Jeep.


  7. 6:25 Okay, this COP already knows this is not the suspect Jeep. Hell, it's not a Jeep at all, as the woman in the background already pointed out. He KNOWS full well there are no guns inside that Dodge SUV. What he's hoping to find is (Remember, TEENS have been riding around in this car.) POT! He wants to get an easy drug bust under his belt.

  8. Whats sad is there are citizens who would actually believe the police are doing the right thing…once you are operating outside the bounds of the law…you are not doing the right thing

  9. Officers per established case law stating minors may not be questioned without parental consent…Also until U obtain a warrant from the judge U can nor violate 4th AMENDMENT & Is your body cam on documenting your unlawful attempt to violate the 4th.

  10. 100% sure these pigs are dirty. Instead of being out there looking for the real culprit they harass and retaliate. Pure evil gang member thugs.

  11. How STUPID & CONTRADICTORY,,,can these Tyrants be? Evidence was clearly in their face,,,yet want to stand around & exert their "" Authority "", w threats that an honest intelligent judge would laugh @ & throw out. The Buttchapped Snowflakes retaliated to show what remaining Assthority they had left.

  12. James, I totally support what you do, but you really should post the date of this video in YOUR description, not make us go to the original channel and find out it's over 2 years old. Anyone calling the Billings PD now will be laughed off the phone by the cops. To call and even ask about policy at this point is a fool's errand. Old content like this is just beyond its useful date.

  13. Perfectly executed demonstration of how you SHOULD stand up for your rights and not let the local shoats 💩 all over your constitutionally protected rights! 👍 Nice 🇺🇸

  14. Those stupid women are giving cops the exact support cops want, and the pigs know they now have a citizen on their side. It pisses me off every time these women undermine the man who's standing up for civil rights and the rule of law.

  15. The difference between Seizure and Theft is called "Cause of Action" or "Lawful Excuse". To have a Lawful Excuse a crime has to have occurred. Not RAS or PC. More than SUSPICION is required for a crime (Bodily Injury, Property Damage, or Fraud / Mischief) Fact. The Constitution can not LAWFULLY be violated for Frivolous reasons (Suspicion, Paranoia, Hallucination). The same is true for Arrest and Kidnapping, or Detention and Assault. All of the above changed in 1871 when Ulises S. Grant sold America to the Bank of England to settle the Civil War Debt. Slaves have no Rights.

  16. Oh and one more thing for all the cops that are reading his comments. You like to say a lot of times that well no I have rights to that it up no you don’t. You gave them up to go into service of the people and to protect our rights you don’t have those rights anymore you can get them back there’s still there for you because we can’t legitimately take them nobody can but in order to remain in that position you have given up your rights just like when you go into the military you have to sign on the dotted line that you were giving up your rights. You don’t have to be a cop man you can go work anywhere else in the private sector and you have all your rights but if you work in this government you are our servants and we are your masters sooner you remember that the better. The whole reason we as a nation gave so much respect to our law-enforcement and our government was because of that fact that you gave up your rights to be our servants. Because that’s a noble thing man but you don’t get respect because you’re a cop and especially not if you didn’t understand the reasons why we gave you the respect in the first place. And I don’t care what your opinion is because that is the facts I’ve read what the founding fathers said through many many writings and they were very clear it boggles my mind that with a public education system that we all pay for nobody knows this stuff. They should be taught in kindergarten what their rights are and why they are important and what does nation is founded for to put the worlds tyranny at bay because everywhere else in the world is run on the old school the king and the church and the other premiere whoever is at the top of the chain and I’m a sovereign and the governments are all part of the sovereignty. This nation was the opposite man we the people are all sovereign and to change the way things were we made our government the servants. It’s so important and profound and the thing about this nation that was is an always will be great so yeah that’s what I Gotta say

  17. Yeah people have a real bad habit of interfering with people that are standing up for rights. Find if you too scared to do something but what you should do is back the person up who standing up against the cops. If you have any information to add you should share it. But if you don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re not helping the person who stand it against the armed thugs just be quiet you’re more of a distraction for the person is trying to keep his shit together against these armed criminals. if it was your daughter man I’m sorry she needs to learn to help or be quiet. If more of us would stand up and say something and not allow this Government overreach we wouldn’t be in this Situation. People they are not our leaders and they have no authority. None that we do not give them. We are the masters they are not our leaders they are our servants. Public servants the only one that’s gonna get the bad behavior to stop is us. They work for us we need to deal with them using out law. And because our law was written to deal with them. It is a crime to deprive someone of the rights under color of any law, edict, mandate, policy etc. not just a crime but a high crime. Meaning it can have the death penalty. Furthermore any law that is written that restricts denies or deprive‘s race is a crime is the crime of conspiracy to deprive rights. A conspiracy is two or more people that get together and make some sort of rule lob whatever you wanna call it that is meant to deprive rights these crimes that are listed in our US code were designed not just for general people but more specifically for government so that if they did all the things that they’re doing right now we could take them to trial. This is our land we are the sovereigns this government works for us. Remember of the people by the people for the people. So what are we supposed to do when the courts are corrupt the cops are corrupt the federal is corrupt and Congress is corrupt. We stand united and form our court and we indict them for the crimes they have committed that there is no debate on them being committed or not clearly any regulation having to do with arms that’s guns knives swords tanks missiles whatever is a crime. Because they are a deprivation of your unrestricted right to keep and bear arms. Yes it’s unrestricted because it says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and infringement is a restriction and infringement is anything that that would not give you unrestricted access to arms that is a crime that’s deprivation of rights in a color of law as a crime to have even created those rules which is conspiracy to deprive rights both of them can carry the death penalty. And because of the extreme nature of the deprivation of rights most likely would. That’s not the only race that they violated but that’s just a clear one that’s easy to show everything having to do with these lockdowns for Covid are violation of rights you have the right to assemble. Meaning you can gather in large groups and the government cannot restrict you from that right you have the right to be secure in your purses papers houses in affects from searches and seizures. To a bridge that write a warrant Hass to be attained and a warrant can’t come from a cop a warrant comes to my person because that power that the warrant grants comes from a victim a sovereign his power gets transferred through a judge to a cop. Cops have no power of a rest on their own it’s not the job. Power of a rest can only come from a person that with evidence goes to a judge to ask for a warrant to be issued. The purpose of that warrant is to either search for whatever is that’s been stated or to bring that person to court so that the two may settle the matter. All these things that are going wrong happened because we’ve allowed it because we weren’t taught correctly on what our rights are and what they mean and what this nation was founded for. It’s time we take our nation back we have the law to do it. We just need to put our petty bickering aside and stand together. I’ll leave you all with this final statement one that I’m sure you already know. United we stand divided we fall

  18. Great video and your analysis is spot on. This was about punishing them bc he refused to consent to the unlawful search. Their egos held out 10 minutes until their logic finally conquered their pride.

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