Watch: Black Family Held at Gunpoint in Mistaken Traffic Stop | Frisco, Texas

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36 thoughts on “Watch: Black Family Held at Gunpoint in Mistaken Traffic Stop | Frisco, Texas

  1. "We're human, and we make mistakes," but when they make mistakes, people die. And they carry on like nothing happened. While a family tries to pick up the pices and make sense of what life they're left with.

  2. We trained for situation like this,stolen vehicle is high risk…You idiots over reacting,pulling guns on black babies,stupid.6 months in the academy isn't enough POS,you tyrants in blue need least 4 years in law school.Now her dumbass is going to cost the city a tone of money 💰 I hope this family sue the shit out of them for pulling guns on innocent kids.OOPS WE THOUGHT THEY WERE CAR THIEVES,the tag say the car was stolen in Arizona.

  3. That female cop should be fired and sued. In that line of work you don´t make mistakes cus every mistake you do can get someone to lose their life.

  4. Police point their guns at you with a threat to shoot one sec, and then they turn around and want you to be their buddy the next..

    If I was that kid, I would've told that mf "Don't touch me, you just threatened to kill us", but I can understand being overwhelmed with fear after just having your life threatened for absolutely no reason other than a cop who obviously didn't pass the sixth grade.

  5. Incidents like these should come with automatic monetary compensation. No court, just a fat ass pay check; paid for with police pensions and or funds.

    They can keep that bs apology; nobody wants to hear that shit. These people could have died with one wrong move, and all yall can say is "Sorry"???

    How about, "Sorry about that, you can come to our department to pick up your grievance check at any time".
    $100 for every min that you were wrongfully detained, $1000 for every gun that was wrongfully pointed at you, $500 for every person wrongfully handcuffed, and an additional pain and suffering fee that would be determined based on the situation; in this case I would say $5000 for pain and suffering.

    I bet handing out more grievance checks that are paid out by police would lead to more Police not making idiotic mistakes like this one here.

  6. Bloody hell, ….im 8000 miles away, and I was terrified…
    I hope there is an update on that stupid woman's employment status. Not fit to be a meter maid. Diabolical.

  7. This truly is sickening. The black lady cop at minimum needs a couple week break without pay and retrained on how to run basic license plate info. The family also needs FAT compensation

  8. Send the moron 3rd grade educated Cop; on up the road a bit to.. "Texarkana",…
    For license plate reading lessons..
    (a lil; R to Z training like this one is an R and that one is a Z)
    There should be a plethora of confusing; license plates around Texarkana?
    Because it's always more training that solves police mistakes,
    And OMG Don't forget to make sure She's paid for the training ..
    Maybe a raise is in order??
    100% F#(k!ng Clown Shoes.

  9. We need to start putting this into the historical context it deserves. The police derived from the slave patrols from the 1850s. The tactics they use against us are straight out of the 1950s and '60s and how they treated the civil rights movement. They've been terrified of cameras since 1993 and Rodney King. All because it threatens their revenue and budget.

  10. I hope the lawsuit bankrupts the city and the tax payers have to pay huge taxes. The only way this will ever change is if citizens get pissed about taxes going up to pay the lawsuits

  11. When it is pointed out to this incompetent cop than this could have turned a lot differently for this family, she was like “How do you mean?” Like it’s no big deal.

  12. “You cooperated so nothing bad happened. That will always be that way when you cooperate.” Yeah lucky more incompetence didn’t come out!

  13. That quota, affirmative action hire is dumb as a rock, no way she should have a badge and gun…..she is too stupid to see the danger she put these people in …

  14. Most sad part is us black people are so traumatized in this country. And this black family cant even be truly be upset. I would have never ket that cop touch my son smh and then he shakes their hands. Omg crazy

  15. What stupid idiots we hire. Absolute morons trying to explain their stupidity. Fire all of these brain-dead cops. “ High risk stop”? You maniac cops are high risk to us.

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