Just so that it is clear to the people commenting on this video, I did attempt to close the door when I exited the tractor.
Notice the cop holding the door outrun and pulling back as I attempted to close it. Also keep in mind that COPS do not give a crap about the Supreme Court rulings no more than your (RIGHTS)…

I cannot even fight this ticket. That is not an option I am given.

(I promise to give toy just the tip)

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  1. Damn bro every video gotta start with a commercial??? Jeez,then 10 more before the video ends,I lk your vids but damn Bro! Just a heads up!

  2. Yeah that cop believes in the right for him to kill you with his gun but not for you to even possess the ability to defend yourself from the criminals he's supposed to stop but doesn't l.

  3. Cops are jerks I got speeding ticket yesterday going 77 mph my truck is governor not to exceed 68 and was uphill .Now have to spent lawyers $300 just to start the circus.Blame on the stupid system corrupts

  4. Poor states only offer 1 license plate per vehicle, so u don't need the front plate most of the time! . I believe in the second amendment , but I'm not a cower to be carrying officer!

  5. I got stopped by a same kind of ASSHOLE. My light was out (at that time we had plates on back)plate was dirty — lite out. CHICKEN COOPS SUCK ( whipped plare fixed light) No ticket just lost tme😤

  6. Go to court and tell them the cop was mad because you flashed your lights to tell him to lower his high beams, because they were so bright. Flashing lights, isn't a crime!
    Did he flash his to tell you to lower yours, and you failed to do so? I don't understand the reason for the ticket.
    Take the video with you.

  7. Did they keep your door open when they forced you to get out, or did you forget to always close it and lock it with keys in your pocket, when police force you to get out? Most wondering for a friend. 😁

  8. typical smartass scummy truck driver. you weren't professional. you were combative and passive aggressive. glad they wasted your time.

  9. Cops are the usual Itchy Notice when they ask him out of an Running vehicle They do not give him time to shut it down < Pull on door handle & ask him to hurry up to get out. .the Cops are paid by the hour

  10. bunch of assholes that are as stupid as they come. messed with his video camera which is illegal as hell. interferes with the operation of the camera that was videoing what was going on. Violation of the Bane Act, interfering with the first amendment right to film in public and especially the police interaction.

  11. I a otr driver, so please, take this as constructive third party criticism, not an attack. Your attitude was half of your problem. The officers that serve this country are doing it because they feel the need to aid and protect law abiding citizens, if you mess up, own it. You complained about how much money they took from your daughter, but if you had not been impairing other people's ability to safely operate their vehicle, by flashing your lights, you would not have been pulled over. You say you did it because you thought his brights were on, next time use your dimmer switch, or acknowledge that mistakes happen and that blinding another driver does not help anyone or meet safety standards. Always remain calm behind the wheel and with officers. These guys are shot at and attacked all the time. Any officer that catches antagonistic attitudes from a driver puts him in automatic defense mode. Stay calm. Keep your hands where they can see them. Turn off your truck so you can communicate clearly and without them duress of raised voices, and frustration on both parties part. When you have to repeat your message that leads to frustration. Also, the vehicle, being turned off shows you are not going to flee. Good luck keep the rubber side down, and thanks for sharing.

  12. The cop not letting him close the door to his truck when he got out was a dick move. Those guys were just being diicks for no reason at all. Looking for something to be an asshole and cite the guy for. There was no need whatsoever for all those cops to be there fucking with a truck driver. Writing that man for flashing his lights because he thought you had your brights on us bullshit. That guy drives for a living and I bet you’re knows what regular headlights look like from the officers type of vehicle. I bet I do too. And I bet without even looking at the vehicle that asshole cop has the brightest lamps available in his stock equipment and has a shut load of top of the line tax payer funded hi visibility emergency and flood and spot and takedown and alley lights; flashing and rotating and strobing and hi intensity spots and floods…mounted all over his vehicle…so that he can see and be seen…for HIS safety. Because that’s the most important aspect, it come first and foremost, above and beyond any other concern or consideration. Officer safety. And he hasn’t thought twice about whether his lights could possibly ever present any issues for other drivers on the road… So his headlights, which he claims were on the normal setting, were bright enough to cause the approaching driver to have difficulty seeing to make his turn…leading the driver to believe that the officer had been using his high beams, so as is customary, he flashed his brights as a signal to the officer that his brights seemed to be on, please turn them off. Rather than having any concern that his lights may be either on the bright setting, or excessively bright in the normal setting to the point if possibly causing an unsafe condition by blinding approaching drivers on the road…rather than attempting to reposition so as to not make him unable to see for his turn, or even possibly to help illuminate the turn better for the trucker, the deputy opted to initiate a traffic stop, seeming to be agitated and annoyed with the driver, and proceeding to cite the driver for “failure to dim bright lights”, which is more likely to have been the deputy himself that was guilty if that offense. He was so pissed that the driver dared to flash his lights at him once, because he was unable to see due to the deputy’s lights, he felt he needed to correct that disrespectful, arrogant behavior and teach the driver a lesson. How dare he think the deputy may have accidentally forgot to switch his lights off of bright! So he flashed his lights at him like you would some commoner n the roadways!?!? Didn’t ask the guy if they’d just happened to have been sitting just right on varying slopes of the road that made them point directly into his face or if they just looked THAT bright. No consent whatsoever that maybe he had one headlight that was aimed too high and needed adjusted. No, none of that. Surely it’s not the deputy creating a danger, it’s just that smartass citizen who needs to be taken down a notch or two and reminded that he’s just some fucking shitbag citizen and better watch himself and lose the attitude that makes him think that he can go n flash his damn lights at an on duty deputy sheriff. Who the hell does he think he is? That’s a deputy sheriff! And he’s just a disrespectful shitbag Joe Schmoe tax payer with an attitude. …Best learn to respect authoritii when he encounters it. Lower his gaze, show proper respect and keep his fucking mouth shut n don’t bother the deputy. He has more important and dangerous things on his mind than that pesky member of the public whom they think he’s supposed to protect and serve. He’s lucky there were only four extra officers available to cover and it was break time because the fresh hot crispy creams were about to come out so they had to get going. Otherwise they could have given him the proper intimidation that he deserved for such a bold and horrendous crime. He’s damn lucky he didn’t end up beat down and behind bars for the way he was acting. Especially when he tried to tell the officer that tractors don’t need a rear license plate. Why is he being a smartass and calling it a tractor anyway. Tractors go in fields, trucks go on roads. That’s a truck. And the deputy knows as a certified LEO that all cars and trucks are required to have license plates front and rear. He has to have one on his own truck. And he didn’t appreciate the driver trying to trip him up with some absurd shit like that. Wasting his precious time…risking making them late for the donut dance when they come out of the oven. Even making up some story about asking if he’s DOT certified. Must be some kind of sovereign citizen thing or something he’s just making up. He’s a deputy sheriff, so he knows the law damnit. Don’t you question him or try to use some made up anti government sovereign citizen crap in him! How dare he! That damn peasant citizen should be thanking the deputy. Just ridiculous. He didn’t write him but just that one ticket. And he has the nerve to not be humble and not even thank him for that. Stood there n spoke to him as if he was equal to the deputy. As if the deputy was just like some damn citizen or something! Better believe next time he’s going to have to pay the piper for all the shit he pulled there.

  13. There not cops there assholes trying to raise revenue to justify there jobs. Cops like them are chicken shit pussies that will never take on a real crimnal.

  14. WA state cops are mostly human, just a few probably moved here from new york or some shithole and have that piss poor attitude that make the decent ones look bad.

  15. I swear I've never met somebody that didn't have their shit straight and asked the dumbest rudest questions in the world bro are you trying to pay a billion dollars on tickets cuz that's what you're going to do by talking shit like that

  16. Another example of a stupid cop he’s out there trying to enforce the law and he doesn’t even know it the driver asked him about him being DOT certified and he hasn’t even heard about DOT but he’s asking for logbook and registration and he says he’s Washington state certified just not have anything to do with DOT I don’t know where they get these cops well I know where they get them I don’t know why they put them out there and they don’t even know what they’re doing

  17. Listen guys will you PLEASE PLEASE take some advice from an older driver …I promise you the advice is 100% sound . Don't ever ever tell a cop you he's not allowed to do anything or you need probable cause they know all that ..be respectful don't be sarcastic or condescending and be agreeable just do not tell them what they are or are not allowed to do ..you will be fine..trust any.oldet guy…

  18. Now your batching about taking money from your daughter, shut the fuck up, you are not a professional driver, you are a shut for brains driver.

  19. Y'all need to get educated. Most Sheriff's deputies are not dot certified, meaning they cannot look at your logs, because they don't know what they're even looking at. If a sheriff's deputy asks to see you're logs ask to see their dot certification. If they don't have it request a state trooper out to the traffic stop. I went through it one time and when the state trooper showed up he was pissed, he chewed that rookie deputy out and let me go lol. He pulled me over because I swung to wide while making a right turn pulling a 53' trailer lol what a d**k

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