38 thoughts on “Washington City Utah Part One – Trespassed For Doing Unfavorable Story

  1. as long as they are not PERSONALLY accountable for their actions, nothing will change… They HAVE to pay from their own pockets

  2. I'm sure there is another video out there with the same baldy cop being a rubbish cop in a car park in a different uniform?

  3. Why is it that nearly ALL public servants work in rather luxurious surroundings when we, the tax payers, who fund these places, seem to manage quite well with generally the bare basics. The one reason I can identify is they supplement moneys apportioned to them from the tax payers with extra funds either extorted or stolen from the public in way of illegally imposed fines, fees and charges. They ALL have budgets to achieve so they really believe it is OK. Just sayin!!!

  4. earninj the hate. this is organized crime at its best. tax payers see what you pay for. big fancy building, officers with nothing to do.
    but collect from the tax payers.

  5. The blue liners called their backup because they are cowards. Without their guns and their other gang members they wouldn’t dare confront you guys. I feel sorry for this community. They are living under the thumb of a deadly organized crime organization. I bet it’s similar to living in Nazi Germany. It’s very sad.

  6. This is what happens across the country for having police departments with zero professionalism. The police nationwide is really shameful, ill-mannered, pushy, truly "primitive." It is sadly easy to see the differences with the police of other countries (developed countries), when the one here only needs a newly voted Sheriff to bring all his friends and town fools as assistants … When we see that the very precarious preparation in the training of an aspiring police officer, consists of just a few weeks of training and preparation. It is "daily bread" to observe the interaction with citizens and for the most vain and inconsequential situations … The great general of the police has no idea how to enforce the most basic laws. They simply demonstrate a very coincident ignorance in all police departments. And the biggest problem arises when one of these town idiots (now a policeman), prioritizes his own EGO over common sense and the law … So we have a uniformed idiot with half a brain, a gun and a badge, acting illegally, harassing citizens, falsely detaining and arresting people, abusing and mistreating people, for having done absolutely nothing illegal …

    "You see… unless you kiss our ass immediately, we are programmed to escalate the situation. And we don`t even need any legal justification".

    After having seen so many videos of how the police constantly violate the basic rights of the citizens, one wonders… is there an epidemic in all the police agencies that prevents them from using more than 50% of the brain to the uniformed??? Or is just a priority that police applicants have a "miserable IQ" to integrate force??? It is even more unacceptable and totally disgusting, that superiors allow his deputies to act with total impunity. They thus become uniformed criminals who are even above the constitution.

    You can find hundreds of videos exposing police crimes just on Youtube, and any average person would be arrested for these crimes. Why aren't the police arrested?

    _Welcome to Nazi America!!

  7. you definitely found the right spot for organized crime absolutely I would go back I would not leave the public property I would let them arrest me and I would sue the living snot out of these tyrants

  8. Pigs- but is freezing cold… inside I mean, my poor fingers needs to be warm (puts gloves on)…. The Freudian slip thou @4:30 "So you don´t curently have any proof, any of us being recorded"..?

  9. Course it’s the mafia model they took a lot from the marching in this country seriously the numbers racket turned in the lottery loansharking turned into their system for credit only they’re worse about it

  10. Quota alone is ridiculous there should not be incentives to bust as many people as possible that is just fucking ridiculous and a prime example of what is wrong with law-enforcement in this country it’s a money grab so of course it’s corrupt

  11. no home occupation app needed here but the gov keeps coming onto my property chopping it up and giving it to the currupt polatitions gone from 2.8 ac down to 1.2?

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