25 thoughts on “Vegas – Criminal Organization Retaliates Against Transparency

  1. Officer safety, public safety, the safety of the California condor, the safety of the tiger butterfly, these officers are so concerned with safety they can't do their jobs. Maybe they need to get a job tat deals ONLY with safety like a puppy rescue organization and give up bullying the public.

  2. Amarillo Texas a place where DA defense Attorney Judges all work together do favors for favors they all have lunch together after trails they have sentence so many innocent ppl they have murdered civilian and got medals for it I know for a fact I was set up by officers in my teenage years years later same cop murder man and made the front page of Amarillo Texas newspapers as a hero Barry Rawslin

  3. Only James gonna get away with this bs. Why dont u start a crew nationwide with ur name on it or else u gonna get ppl killed out here james trying to do wht u doing you know white ppl get away with tht type of sht
    . pull up to Amarillo Texas and make videos you know thts who got Cullen Davis off the murder charges the first time you don't know who that is you look it up

  4. James. You are just SO well spoken and logical. I wish more people would listen to you, and others like you , who truly defend personal freedoms.

  5. So, Officers worry for their safety due to people (especially with cameras) on sidewalks. Following that logic, why not shut down traffic in both directions, it's not like drive-bys don't happen. Why not just shut down the City, they're the Law dammit and that makes them our god overlords.

  6. That magical tyrant safe zone….get back 3 more ft, yeaaaa I’m safe 🤣🤣 it’s really not funny tho!!

  7. Seriously? I understand what you're saying officer, where would you like me to stand officer, which boot would you like me to lick officer? Why would anyone be so nice and understanding to a pos cop that has them standing next to a hot car, in handcuffs!

  8. What about law abiding citizen safety
    We didnt sign you on to get paid to protect you to hell with officer safety kick rocks assholes at least this auditor was willing to go to jail that is part of this gif

  9. Tyrant pig:<assaults camera man & flagrantly violates his right>
    Citizen: "Stop assaulting me & violating my rights"
    Tyrant pig: "I am not assaulting you or violating your rights, I am being civil"
    Citizen: "…?"

  10. I’m sorry but I have to say this this is so frustrating to watch this is a situation where a citizen has a right to defend himself this is unlawful and they continue to get away with it auditors throughout the country should rally and go to Congress and stop this abuse by law-enforcement get rid of qualifying immunity

  11. What a bunch of malarkey it’s all about the power home he’s trying to put 10 pounds of crab into a 5 pound bag does he actually think he owns the sidewalk what’s wrong with this covered with the badge in a clown suit suit

  12. Why do they continue to hire these cowards with the badge and the clown suit if they are so afraid they need to get a different job this is ridiculous for officer safety they’re the ones are always hurting and killing citizens and a threat of a rash must come to an end and also Qualified immunity must end

  13. Thank you for standing up for our children and grandchildren’s rights God Bless you and yours!crooked cops all around now days no good cops 👮‍♀️ anymore!!

  14. Until qualified immunity and police unions are eliminated these tyrant’s attitudes towards citizens constitutional rights will continue and our children and grandchildren will have to fight these criminal tyrant’s tyranny against citizens rights

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