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  1. Thank you for going there and posting the video.
    It kind of reminds me of the Texas A&M memorial for the students that died in the Bonfire accident, years ago (decades ago?). The area is a little larger than half a football field and there's a circular 2-3 foot wall with doorways. The number of doorways equals the number of students that died (about 8 or so?). Some doorways are somewhat close together and some are all by themselves. I asked about that and found out that each doorway points to the town/city where each specific student came from.

  2. I agree with the guy at the town meeting. Those Cowards should pay for all the memorials out of their own funds that they did not earn. Ever. Hang your heads and leave Town. Or wait to be on trial.

  3. I'm starting to get a few years on me now and have considered myself pretty tough, but when I saw this I cried. I mean I really fucking cried.

  4. The mother who defied them and went into the school and saved 3 children put those cops to shame!! I don't know how they could even look at themselves and try to justify what they wouldn't do!!!!!!!

  5. Do you have a boating channel? I saw a video haulover inlet called credit card captain's. Guy sounds just like you even sa8d he was pro first amendment. Sounds just like your voice.

  6. Wow, so sad. They picked an ironically fitting spot for the memorial. A broken fountain, with empty planters. Kinda sums up the local government there.

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