Uvalde council meeting packed with media and auditors

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Author: rafael.nieves


23 thoughts on “Uvalde council meeting packed with media and auditors

  1. Whats a simi auto weapon of war??Never heard that one before?I love for people to talk about stuff they have no clue of what they're talking about

  2. Special thanks to all the first amendment auditors who showed up for this public meeting.. well done guys… Your coverage of this event will be watched by far more people then those people with the huge cameras in the back of the room..

  3. Look at this coward Cop with his thin blue line face mask which is a smack in the face to every Veteran who fought for that Flag and this Country!!
    If I was there I would tell it to his face and ask the counsel why is he wearing that which has become a symbol of division and Police Arrogance in this Country.
    i like how you spoke to the chief about it and was very impressed the way you did it!!

  4. Thank you Brother/Brother’s PATRIOTS…for all you do..With much LOVE, HONOR and RESPECT.. Sending the families the citizens positive energy blessings and prayers LOVE & LIGHT.. from Pittsburgh Pa. I hope the council fires each and every one of those COWARDS..They cowered down once ..it will happen again.. And it’s sounds to me that the POS Officer’s are harassing the towns Citizens..FIRE THEM ALL AND START A NEW…
    Blessed be..

  5. Hey Officer! Yeah YOU! Your disrespectful TBL Flag is causing pain among the citizens. Swallow your D pride and TAKE IT OFF!

    If you want to wear prideful Gang symbols that’s fine BUT DONT DESECRATE THE AMERICAN FLAG DOING IT!

  6. at 8:21 this pretty much sums up the entire sad department that let a bunch of children die… the "thin blue line" protecting and serving themselves, not us… they replaced our flag with their own, because they stopped serving us… anytime you see this flag, and command staff doesn't have a problem with it, it tells you the entire department needs replacing, because they're a lost cause milking your tax dollars for their pensions with NO service to be expected when it matters… P.S. wearing a non-government personal political symbol while on duty working for the government, is a CRIME because states do not allow on-duty employees to engage in political activity, and thats exactly what those "thin blue line" symbols are, political activity while on duty spreading their propaganda on OUR dime…

  7. What I seen was a few officers show up and move up to the door they believed had the shooter in, and then a few shots were fired and everyone backed way off.. and sat and watched for an hour.. stood in that hallway and did NOTHING.. that is unacceptable especially when children's lives are at stake.. the officer standing at the meeting with the blue line flag mask, refused to take off that mask why? Because he does not feel accountable at all to the people and has an ego as big as his belly.. its hard to see because of some blurriness of the camera.. but was that Tx sheep dog tearing into them?

  8. Those welfare maggots are tired of being derelicts. Those criminals are UNFIT for ANY public service. Get rid of all of them. Criminal negligence and dereliction across the board.

  9. I knew that BOOTLICKER was going to make this all about her being a Mexican somehow and she didn’t let me down. I knew she was more special than the regular pesky citizens! Grrrrr

  10. It’s always convenient for these liberal Gov BOOTLICKERS. They want everyone to be civil to the Local Gov until it’s them that have a grievance then THEY RIOT, LOOT AND BURN THE ENTIRE CITY TO THE GROUND!

    That little round BOOTLICKER needs to sit her fat butt down and shut up. Protecting these COWARDS is so disrespectful to the victims!

  11. did she say lack luster performance? Great show guys. Thanks for showing up. Its been great watching a true dream team holding the town accountable. Right FUCKING on!

  12. Here in Gastonia NC we are very thankful to James Freeman, Spike Cohen and all of the Auditors, Cop Watchers and Gen Activists that came to our town to hold the GCPD accountable for abusing our homeless people AGAIN! They Tazed and killed a Homeless Military Vets (Josh Rohrer) Service dog. They roughed Josh up throwing him to the ground for simply standing on a median. The Cops lied and said he was panhandling when he was NOT. Josh NEVER asks for anything. He simply smiles and waves to people. Citizens love him so much that he doesn’t have to ask us for anything. We give him money, food, dog food for his Service dog Sunshine. Sunshine is trained to comfort Josh when he has emotional & psychological episodes and that’s all she was doing the day the GCPD Tazed her in the back causing her to run away getting hit by a car.

    Thanks to all the people from the “outside” that came to help us. We needed you and we appreciate you so much. SUPPORT OUR AUDITORS! They are the true Heros!

  13. All those derelicts should be arrested. They are clear domestic threats along with the cops on vacation. They are all criminally ingorant and children are dying. They all need to answer to the people.

  14. It's true guys. I live in San Antonio and I speak to a lot of people who live there and they JUST CANNOT STAND all the people and media coming and going with their opinions. They turned that quite town into a three ring dysfunctional circus. Please For the Love of All you hold dear just stay away and let them heal. offer help is all any "outsider" can do

  15. WOW… Look at those big ole fat Mexican cops. Look how they hide behind their face diapers. COWARDS!!!! Real Americans would never have been afraid to run into that school. I think it was a HOAX but the big fat Mexican cops didn't know that. PIGS!!!!!

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