Update On Town Suing 82 Year Old Woman – Dropping law suit

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48 thoughts on “Update On Town Suing 82 Year Old Woman – Dropping law suit

  1. Great video James as usual.. Keep up the great work blessings to you and your family coming your family coming at you from the mountains of Southern Oregon

  2. I love it when people come together to defend someone who has been or is being harmed by government. So many of these accountability videos frustrate me to no end and leave me feeling it's hopeless. but when someone is helped through the community, Its a needed reminder that there is a point in caring about all this BS.

  3. Just want to say to Worklion.. I have noticed your contributions, here and elsewhere, and I hope that the rest of the auditing community also gives you great thanks for your generous support you give to them.. even as all the others who give to help give support.. much much appreciated..

  4. Guarantee grandma is loving it, she’s like I’m 85, watched enuf bs, & need more to do so bring it ON 🙌🤣 A frickin lawsuit wtf🤦🏼‍♀️ let’s take up more employee time & waste more tax payers $$ then a million records requests bcuz we suck at governmenting & adulting (yes made up words) so we’re going to try & bully u into submission. Ahhh & the 5pg government lawyer word salad…..chef’s 💋 government always getting creative with their bs definitions of law breaking. James bringing it again, thx bro.

  5. I wish I could post a picture on this thread from my county trying to do the same thing to me . Trying to take me to court for Recording them while I make my requests because they felt threatened apparently …

  6. So you won't post the public information for all to see, then you go after someone that actually request information that should be posted publicly, because they ask for to much of the information that should be posted on the cities web site accessible without having to request it. It's a simple question for a stupid mayor maybe he'll get it what part of public information do you not understand

  7. What escapes most is that this shouldn't be an issue at all. Most if not all of these records should be available for anyone to log on to that City's website and look at and download as needed. All of these municipalities towns and cities throughout the United States have refused to put this public information up on their website is basically just holding up the middle finger to the American public about following through with the duties that they're paid to perform

  8. I wish that some day there will be a very pissed billionair who chip in and pay for stand-by lawyers who take on cases and sue the hell out of police departments and towns.

  9. Just what crime is using a corporation for personal gain? Surely every member of the board and employee uses the corporation they work for for personal gain?

  10. We need to form an EMERGENCY PRO-BONO COURT SYSTEM & PROSOCUTE EVERYBODY that works for the CORPERATIONS that think have Governmental powers to steal the products of our labors for violating U S C 18 ss 242 it's the rico act & in pro-bono Court there are no fines or imprisonment for stolen money SO A GILTIY VERDICT MEANS THE DEATH PENALTY !

  11. These dumbasses pay how much money for City attorneys, but still feel they're dumb enough that they need to take it to a judge?? Sounds like Mr Mayor shouldn't be reelected!!

  12. Its people like you that force these people to either admit that they are corrupt and full of it or are going to change or both ……..

  13. not only did he hear about it, the way he was talking it sounded like he encouraged the lawsuit initially.

    It sounds to me like she needs to run to be on the council or be the mayor herself. This way she could clean house.

  14. Ask the mayor why the Irvington police department didn't post it's internal affairs reports Ag directive 2018-3 early warning system data. They are supposed to post these on the police department website. They haven't . So the Irvington police department is telling the Attorney general of NJ to go screw.

  15. James, would you be able to reach out to auditors in that area and have them interview this brave senior? This woman probable doesn't even know what the term "activist" means, but she is one and should be proud of her leadership.

  16. When I was a MUCH younger person, I asked what the word "integrity" meant. The person told me that he would not give me a definition, but would give me the best EXAMPLE he knew. He told me Integrity is always trying to do what is right even if no one is watching. That held a whole world of understanding for me. When I hear of something like this, and a politician is taking action because he is up for re-election, then I wouldn't vote for this person because he is only taking action NOW because he is up for re-election and wants the voting public to see he's doing something instead of doing the right thing because it WAS the right thing to do when the lawsuit was first made a year ago. He lacks the integrity that I would want to see in my public officials.

  17. Sorry I don’t care for live stuff ..streaming ..whatever. It’s just me,maybe everybody else does! I don’t care for it..it’s boring! Just tell me later, thanks!

  18. I love how all the 1AA's work in concert with each other instead of competing like most other YouTube genres. It's like Voltron. They all join forces to accomplish a common goal.

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