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42 thoughts on “UPDATE – Las Cruces Officer Felipe Hernandez Finally Charged With Murder 3 Months Later”
  1. If it wasn't such a sad and disgusting case, it would be funny! For the investigator to say to you that they had to wait for the medical report, to make the arrest, even though they still had probable cause, is one of the biggest jokes I have ever heard! And to hear them say that in the state, they don't have a standard, for investigating police killings, just say's that they never really investigate police killings! This is something out of the 1800's! It's mind blowing! We can see that a national police regulating system, must be made, and take out of the state and local hands! ?With out this, police will keep running on their own, with out never being held accountable!

  2. The cop will get 6 months with time served and 5 years probation. He will not seve any serious time behind bars, because Blue Line Gangsters who kill together, live free together

  3. Waite.. ?? All of this to cover up a Cop 👮‍♀️ Committing Murder….

    Imagine the Hula Hoops you have to jump through to find

    All these higher ups involved in Human Sex trafficking..?? Whoa 😳 🤯 😮 ..

  4. James ,….I took 2 years of Police Training and at the end I had to do 6 weeks of arrest, following evidence ,detaining, investigation and court procedures. I was disturbed at the end of the 6 weeks when I was asked to drop 3 cases because they were important people. Justice for all is a complete lie.
    I went on to be a DSW and worked Psychiatric for the Government.
    Law enforcement and the court has to trust that the system works. You can't deal off the bottom of the deck and expect people to have any trust in you.

  5. Oh, this will be a plea deal, for sure. He will plead to First Degree Manslaughter with a seven year suspended sentence. He will not see one day inside of prison. And the Prosecutor will hold a press conference about how justice was served, and how they held one of their own accountable.

  6. great job James, I hope your investigation was the reason why they found the escaped murderer. this is a PERFECT example of the gulf of disparity between "us" and "them"

  7. James maybe you can help get some justice for Ronald Greene in Louisiana. Google if you need to. Last month (Dec) the ranking officer at the scene of the murder who had been suspended after the story was leaked and it was discovered he had destroyed most of the body cam footage that led up to the murder. Yea, this law obstructing piece of shit was given immunity in a deal where he blamed the whole thing on another state trooper. The truth is, four troopers including this ranking officer, beat the unarmed Greene to death. This ranking officer didn't stop the other cops and then they all went to great lengths to cover it up. The whole department was involved in the coverup. Most of the evidence destroyers were given deals to rat out the troopers on the scene. One of the four troopers committed suicide when the story got leaked two years after Greene's murder. That means at least three piggies remain free that should be serving life in prison – at best. All accused police contend that Greene died due to complications involved from his high speed chase that ended in Greene wrecking his vehicle. Body cam footage shows police pulling Greene out of his vehicle and immediately beating him to death. They claimed he was resisting arrest. They claimed they had to use lethal force for our protection. They claimed Greene was combative and resisted arrest, yet there's no evidence of that in the video. Any sort of resistance they may have perceived was a man fighting for his life, face down on the concrete roadway, never even had an opportunity to resist arrest or explain himself. Police used tasers, batons, and punched him repeatedly in the face before laying him face down and beating him in the back to handcuff him. Last time I checked, handcuffing someone doesn't involve beating them in their back first. A taped telephone conversation from one cop after the event says, "I beat the ever-living fuc* out of him and choked him and everything else to get him under control." Again, from footage leaked to the press, there is no visible struggle initiated by Greene before he was violently pulled from his vehicle. The likelihood of Greene having resisted at all is very unlikely. He kept repeating to the officers that he was afraid of police and didn't mean any harm. He was totally unarmed and non-threatening. He did not try hurting police with his car. His surrender was not met with the same civility. Lying to this man's family for two years about how Greene died is a crime against humanity in itself. Troopers told Greene's family that he died in a car wreck. There was no mention of a struggle or a confrontation at all with police. I'm upset just knowing about the case. How would you feel if police murdered you, destroyed the video evidence, and told your family you died in a car accident? Then your family has to have another traumatic revelation two years later when leaked footage reveals you actually didn't die in a car accident. This ranking murderer at the scene, who destroyed evidence of a conspiracy to commit murder, is back patrolling the streets in the state of Louisiana. Saved by a slick plea deal that allowed him to do what he always does best: avoid responsibility for his actions. That's why he's a ranking officer. This family is now over 4 years into the death of Greene, only two of those years were involved in investigation against the troopers. With no faith in their local jurisdiction to do the right thing and charge the remaining murderers with, well, murder, the Greene family is trying to get the attention of federal police in the DOJ. 4 years is a long time for murder to be ignored. Especially when video evidence exists to give clear probable cause to charge and arrest the troopers involved. As of the end of December 2023, no capital charges have been filed against the known murderers with badges. One is dead, one is now back to terrorizing the streets (for our safety). What about the other two murderers? I don't know. Im guessing this restored cop blamed the whole thing on one or both of them, but as far as I know, none of the cops have been brought to justice over the violent, sad, unnecessary homicide of Ronald Greene outside Monroe, LA in 2019.

  8. LCPD are murderers, CORRUPT, and are out of control as a city! from the DA to the NMSP to the Gov.
    Wife and I had to flee the city for fear of our lives after my life was literally being threatened by the Las Cruces police department John Munoz, and the local city authorities in a political terrorism lot against me when i ran for city council. Do you all think I'm kidding? My wife and I left and moved out of state so that we can get a grip on how we can fight this corrupt New Mexico government.
    John Munoz *(of electronic caregiver), and all the others will have their face here soon

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