Uncut Phone Call With Mayor Of Town Suing Woman For Making Town Work

Irvington NJ Mayor calls for a meeting with the lawyers and the Town Clerk that brought the law suit against an 82 year old woman for making them do their job and then filing complaints against them when she wasn’t satisfied with the results.

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Author: rafael.nieves


35 thoughts on “Uncut Phone Call With Mayor Of Town Suing Woman For Making Town Work

  1. I was going to do more on this, but I've got so many other stories that I want to get out, some of which are time sensitive and will require the assistance of all of you once again, so I'm just giving you the raw phone call and moving on. Thank you all SO MUCH for choosing to actively participate in making your voice heard. YOU are what causes things like this to get done.

  2. He seems to be trying to push blame on someone else. Yes, while he may not have even known about the lawsuit, it was filed under his authority, thus it's his responsibility. It's good to see he's trying to get it dismissed, but it feels like he's just trying to save his own ass from public scrutiny. Though he never once said it was wrong.

  3. How do you like the guy who this dip sheit hired for his chief of staff? His own son? Anthony and Tony are the same! I bet he was the most qualified and no nepotism was used whatsoever? Huh? Yeah right!

  4. How is it even remotely possible that the police, D.A., judge, and apparently a mayor let a city representative be a complainant and bring litigation against a citizen for NO CRIME? How can they all be this ignorant and stupid?

  5. Got Exposed, on a full out Real News INFORMATIONAL forum ( James Freeman).. and Now it's all hands on desk Damage Control….
    Buts it's not about re-election 🤔 ?? Your Unbelievable .

  6. I hope someone is keepin an eye on that vet the lose of his dog has to be tremendous and mentally draining for him! This is crazy if you shot a k9 dog your held accountable for it if this officer tazed that dog for no reason he should be held accountable legally and in the public eye!

  7. Great job James. Always helping those who need help the most. You're a good dude. Keep up the great work. I hope your kindness is rewarded some way. Peace brother.✌👍

  8. Big time tyranny goes on in New Jersey, and New York. They often illegally, step over the constitution and violate peoples rights daily. Just ask good ole Long Island audit, he’s been kidnapped many times by broken ego tyrants.

  9. Two words “ Public Service “ these people seem to always forget who they actually work for. I mean I know they get great perks like real estate deals and they never seem to be prosecuted for the crimes they commit but hey that’s just a day in the life of a useless government worker. Thanks for sharing this story once again James I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday!

  10. Thank you too James Freeman and Long Island audits for taking the time to publish the story for we the people

  11. Nov. 28, 2014 Irvington mayor Tony Vauss forced employee to have sex in township office, the jury rejected claims by city housing inspector Tamara Smith that Vauss sexually assaulted her in her City Hall office on June 9, 2014. It's a clan with black hoods

  12. This guy back pedals as do all politicians when they are caught.He clearly sees this citizen as an enemy, nuisance, someone to block, etc.,Dime to a dollar he encouraged the suit, then didn't like that the clerk included his honor on the filing.(gotta watch those crafty clerks)Watch now as they try to throw each other under the truck.

  13. I got a very pricey ticket today for not having a recent physical on record, to drive a truck over 10k lbs… the officer was also 300lbs
    Who needs the physical again?

  14. Often the regulating agency for agencies are in collaboration so they almost never find fault at least on pressing issues. I don't know the specifics about this case though.

  15. Sue the lazy fkr for not doing his job . Petition he be fired to the mayor . Ask for a complete investigation for the frivolous lawsuit against a citizen .
    I dont care if the 80 yr old woman is annoying . You dont file lawsuits for that .

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