21 thoughts on “Two female cops lose control of one guy – 7 cops for one man descalation

  1. it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter….
    always they think they have some special right.
    it does matter and you are trespassing on private property.
    this guy is merely standing up for his rights and is not being violent at all nor is he a threat.
    female needs to shut her big mouth and open her ears, she also needs to learn the law and her position as a welfare recipient.

  2. Yep, exactly what they did to me; 7 troopers, including a detective and a K9, all because I was having an emergency of stroke symptoms (had a few strokes before so when I started to experience it, I was driving) and 911-operator told me to pull over, which I did, in the median, and ALL the cops wanted me to do was continue driving, that was their ego and jihad!

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