33 thoughts on “Traffic Stop – JAMES FREEMAN PULLED OVER!

  1. The cop or whatever tells the truth unintentionally “we are out there every day putting our live on the line for our family “. Ours not yours or mine.

  2. Randomly running plates. I could understand this if the vehicle matched the description of a stolen vehicle but to randomly run plates sounds wrong.

  3. Yeaaaahhh. I too know that feeling of having a cop behind me as I'm driving along. Doing nothing wrong. It's not a warm fuzzy feeling. And who was the weenie mouthing off in the out takes?

  4. Mr.Freeman I really enjoy your videos would you try something for me please just want to see their reaction lol. So when you engage with and officer the first thing I would like you to do before anything else is to ask him or her do you consider me a public citizen when they say yes and then ignore you then just start asking stupid questions like officer have you had one of those big macs from McDonald's or have you ever took the Pepsi challenge I just think this will show the unprofessionalizem and unwillingness to respect and interact with their boss the public citizen. Their reaction you and I know should be to have a laugh or engage in a cordial conversation. I think this will show what brain washed robots they have become. This will go viral I bet so I look forward to seeing your videos everyday and thank you for what your doing for john q tax payer lol

  5. What do the police and BLM both have in common? They will both hurt you and ruin your life while claiming to be the victim that just wants ✌️

  6. We know who you are so we stopped you. Wow, thanks for help with that permanent restraining order. And my invoice kind cop… sign on the bottom.

  7. That dude with the glasses is a weenie. And if I remember correct, he shoved his foot in his mouth all the way to his belly button

  8. Homie was wrong when he asked “why did you scan our license plate in the first place.” Officers do not need a reason to scan plates

  9. I was outraged at the comment the dispatcher made about shooting that ladies daughter. But then I thought about it and did a complete reverse. The cop should have said: "Do you want me to come over and shoot you for being one of the worst parents in the country?"

  10. Um I'm guessing he ran the plate because the sticker was out of date? Or you didn't have a sticker on your plate in the first place? It was definitely something you did but whatever.

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