47 thoughts on “Traffic stop gone WRONG – Lawsuit filed

  1. Said it before… say it again.
    This will not stop until they pay the "ultimate" price for their transgressions!
    Just like spoiled brat children, they will do whatever they can get away with.
    As long as the taxpayers' foot the bill, they will just laugh… and do it again, and again, and again!

  2. Respect the law they haven’t drop charges you should just give your license and insurance and registration and don’t talk
    like Silence Boys training video . 🤡🤡🤡

  3. Another snowflake officer with no restraint. How many times do we need to see uneducated idiots putting on a uniform and let lose on the public. Sue them good and hard.

  4. Im wondering if he was white if he would have gotten tased or tased that fast.
    This cop should be fired for his escalatiom and for his F-BOMBS and to quick to go to taser

  5. Another rogue, tyrannical cop that refuses to follow policies and procedures.
    I’m sure that this department is dirty from the top down. No professional, well trained police officer refuses a supervisor request from a citizen.
    Tennessee is known for having a large number of law enforcement officers that are racist. They’ll beat, attack, tase and sometimes shoot persons of color.
    Police are a strange breed. If you don’t look or act like them they think you’re a criminal.
    In reality, this police officer is a criminal that attacked a citizen for no legal reason.
    Cops like this are a cancer on society. They belong locked up in federal prison.
    We all know that police seldom pay for their crimes and wrongdoing.
    It’s unfortunate, that in this day and age, police like this are on the streets terrorizing citizens.
    This is illegal, immoral, shameful and disgusting!
    Policing in America is at a new low.
    It’s not 1950 anymore. Wake up America and jail these clowns!

  6. The only times a police officer can issue ORDERS is; (1). For the purpose of crowd control. (2). When a subject has been detained/arrested. Legally, a traffic stop is a detention. When a police officer stops you while operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway and orders you to get out of the vehicle, you are required to get out of the vehicle. Not to do so is obstructing/resisting.

  7. Isn't a tazer supposed to be used as a substitute for a firearm? It is not to be used to punish or get someone to do something like get out of the car. Would the cop wave his gun in the drivers face to force him out?

  8. Typical behaviour by so called law enforcement, how dare you question authority now your going be violently punished ! WTF it's about time they take the garbage out, these corrupt degenerates who think they are a law unto themselves are a disgrace to there community the citizens have had enough of being abused by these thugs, bullies and gang members and it's time to hold the pathetic degenerates to account.✌️

  9. Wow did this cop give his brain the day off? Unbelievable, it’s like watching the playground bully not a professional person, hope the guy sues the crap out of him.

  10. That psychopath needs to be removed from society. How many people has this animal abused over the years? Hopefully some local will find him in his home when he’s out of his gang costume. Same for the rest of his department that have been harboring this violent white supremacist.

  11. i love how the fraternal order of dingalings & their boot-lickers like to call UNEDITED/UNREDACTED video "propaganda". it sucks that there's victims in all these situations, but… …the more videos of undeniable misconduct that keep coming to light, the stronger the argument for true reform!!! these dumbarse cops keep digging their own graves (when they're not filling other graves with unarmed minorities & law-abiding citizens).

  12. Cops like this , maybe few ! Why is it that they are so vigorously defended by unions , departments and DAs , to the detriment of all those who uphold their oaths . Bad cops hold all cops in the same light. Mistrust in police from the citizenry is the biggest threat to the true nature of policing in society today . Accountability to the laws for officers isn’t wrong to be expected as it is for the public ? ?

  13. Unfortunately for this young man, he is mistaken when he says it's "unlawful". When you get pulled over, you have to provide your ID, which he failed to do until it was too late. That being said, this officer looks to be a bit of a psycho.

  14. POLICE having QUALIFIED IMMUNITY voids "EQUAL RIGHTS" and "EQUAL JUSTICE", of every U.S. taxpayer!
    Almost every schoolchild learns early to hate the police because of qualified immunity! (Caveat, record the police) …
    – (Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022)

  15. Again…there needs to a group that will go pig hunting and start taking out this tyrants!!! This just makes my blood boil!!! We all know nothing will happen to this low life POS human being and the tax payers will pay for him to walk away unpunished…..enough is enough…..just disgusting!!!

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